Wedding Décor Guide (part 1)

Make your wedding more memorable through these décor tips

Photo courtesy of SING SE SOON

Nowadays, weddings are happening in more and more places, and that means couples now have more ways to decorate their weddings too. Whether you’re getting married in your backyard garden, in a large cathedral, or in a spectacular foreign location, know that there are different ways to improve the setting and atmosphere of your wedding through the use of decor. Here are five ideas about how you can decorate your wedding venue.

It’s not just the dresses that have to be color-coordinated – the décor has to be as well. Decide on a color scheme with your partner and wedding decorator and choose your wedding items accordingly. You can have a monochromatic theme (e.g. purples, lavenders, and grapes), a dual-tone scheme (e.g. deep red and turquoise), or a traditional white theme with select color accents. Your decorations don’t have to be strictly of the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses, but they should be either in harmony or complementing each other.

Blend décor and nature

When it comes to outdoor wedding, it’s always best to minimize your decoration and let your environment show its own beauty. If you’re celebrating your wedding in a majestic location (in a lighthouse island, for example) you may need no decoration at all – the venue alone may be enough to serve as the perfect background and setting. For a garden wedding, you can incorporate natural elements like dried leaves and twigs (apart from the customary flowers) into your decor. In Singapore, there are several parks, like Fort Canning, HortPark and the Botanic Garden, that can be excellent natural wedding venue.

Beautify that aisle

The aisle is central to your wedding venue and highly symbolic of the path you are taking as a couple. Get creative: decorate it with something that matches your motif, shows your personality, and (if possible) reminiscent of a special moment in your relationship. Mark rows with bouquets, lamps, or ribbons and bows, and connect them with items that matches your row markers. For example, it’s ideal to mark the aisle with flower petals if you’re using bouquets as row markers, or use tulle as row connectors if you’re using a lot of bows.

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Arches and altars

Most of the wedding will be spent with you standing there, so make sure it looks good. Having a poorly decorated altar or wedding arch can make the ceremony feel lacking, but with good designs, it can make the occasion more poignant and celebrated. Again, you need to match the decoration with your location and atmosphere. For large churches, surround the altar with lamps or candles (you can’t go wrong with white flowers too); for an outdoor wedding, it’s often best to decorate a wooden arch with your choice flowers and white cloth.

Use traditional designs

Many young couples in Singapore today like to have a modern wedding, which largely means a western-style wedding. If you want to stand out, you can do so by acknowledging your roots and cultural background using your decor. Feel free to use ethnic designs in your wedding decoration. You can, for example, decorate with Hindu-inspired flowing fabrics, bedeck the ceremony in Chinese reds, or imbue the wedding venues with peranakan elements. With your families support, you can even combine various styles into your wedding.

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