Wedding Décor Guide (part 2)

Through good décor selection, you can greatly enhance the look and atmosphere of your wedding day. It can even be a way to make a personal statement. Wherever you may be celebrating your wedding, your decoration should show your personality, have a special meaning to you, and be aesthetically pleasing while remaining practical. Here are five more ways you can improve the decoration of your wedding venue.

Photo courtesy of AMARA SINGAPORE

Light up the place

If you’re getting married in an enclosed building, such as a cathedral, make sure that you have appropriate lighting throughout the ceremony. Lighting, though, can be a little tricky: it should be bright enough to lighten up the whole venue, but not so bright as to make it painful to the eyes. In Singapore, where ceremonial places may have a number of restrictions, it is wise to consult a venue representative whether you can put up additional lighting. Remember that good lighting is one of the key elements to having a good wedding video.

Decorate with blooms

Flowers will never go out of style, but choose them according to your décor and color theme. Roses are classic and it’s hard to go wrong with them, but some other flowers may be better depending on your location and the feel you wish to imbue the event.

Photo courtesy of SING SE SOON

Tulips look simple and refreshing, calla lilies lend a feeling of elegance, while hydrangeas express exuberance – but those are, by far, not your only choices, so make sure to explore your options. Flowers can be propped on their own, combined with other types, or paired with ribbons.

Candles and lanterns

A soft-lit glow is your ideal lighting for your wedding ceremony and reception, and a great way to achieve that is by using candles and lanterns. Your options – just to name the most oft-used – include lighting your altar with tall candles, using lanterns as your row markers, and stringing globe lanterns over the ceremony ground. Candles create an intimate, romantic atmosphere to any occasion. However, if you want a safer choice, you can use small, soft-light bulbs, which has the additional advantage of coming in various colors.

Liven up with fabrics


Decorating your wedding ceremony venue and reception area with fabrics is the best way to make your wedding look more grand. Tulle is the standard wedding fabric décor because it can be easily shaped but also drapes well. Your other options include sheer fabric (which blows more easily) and English netting (great for a flowing effect). Most traditional weddings in Singapore, particularly Chinese and Indian, rely heavily on fabrics to achieve an authentic effect. When using fabrics, caution should be taken against wind and accidental tears.

Do wonders with trees

It’s not very popular yet, but incorporating trees in your wedding décor can create splendid results. There are different ways you can do this: you can hold the ceremony under a large tree (or use a smaller tree instead of an arch or altar), use preserved trees as row markers or centerpieces, or plant small trees around your wedding venue to heighten its effect. A great thing about trees is that they are very versatile. Depending on its size and spread, it can be decorated with lanterns, fabrics, bouquets, and even envelopes from the guests.

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