DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas

4 easy ways to save on your wedding décor

No doubt, you’d want nothing but the best for your wedding. However, you – like many other brides in Singapore today – may not be so willing to spend several thousands on your wedding decorations. Well, with a little know-how, you can still have perfect wedding decorations even without emptying your bank account. Here are simple do-it-yourself tips on decorating your wedding:

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1.  Use Sheer Fabric to Fill Up Your Venue
Sheer fabric is affordable, can fill up a lot of space and can even be used for a lot of purposes. You can, for example, use them to frame the aisle at your ceremony, jazz up the tables at the banquet, or simply hang it on the windows and walls.

Another very popular style in Singapore today is to drape the fabrics across the ceiling, which creates an elegant but light atmosphere. When using sheer fabric, choose something that has the same color or shade as your wedding motif. You can match the fabrics with lace to create highlights.

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2.  Decorate with a Mix of Real and Silk Flowers
Using only real flowers can be very expensive, but on the other hand, using only artificial flowers may make the wedding feel less special. So to maintain the solemnity of your wedding without adding too much to its cost, you should decorate your wedding venues with a mix of genuine and silk flowers.

On your wedding bouquet and other floral bundles, put fresh flowers at the center and then surround it with the silk flowers. This way, you increase their size while making them still look and feel real. Another idea is to use silk flower petals to mark the paths of your wedding venue, and then use fresh flower petals on the ceremony aisle or lightly sprinkled on the bouquet tables.

3.  Use Simple but Unusual Items for Centerpieces
While your centerpieces ought to be attractive, they don’t have to be extravagant or cost so much. A trending decoration style in Singapore is to use mason jars as centerpieces. You can fill them with a variety of object like a small bouquet of flowers, candles floating in water, or even colored sands and seashells.

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Another idea is to use wicker baskets, which you can also fill with various items, such as fruits, candles, wild flowers or even your wedding favors. Select craft shops in Singapore sell picture frames that can be lighted from inside. These can also make attractive centerpieces, especially if you use one of your pre-wedding pictures and adorn it with your favorite quote or items like rose petals.

4.  Liven Up Your Wedding Venues with Ribbons
Like sheer fabrics, ribbons are inexpensive, readily available and easy to customize. However, ribbons differ as their effect is more festive than elegant and they are better suited during daytime and outdoor celebrations, which makes them a perfect decoration for garden weddings.

There are different ways to use ribbons: you can use it as venue markers, drape it on the altar background, hang it at the back of the chairs at the banquet, or use it to add accents to other items in the wedding like the cake plate and guestbook. Another great idea is to tie ribbons around your wedding venue and hang various items on it, such as crystals, soft lights and small flowers.

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