Wedding Dress: Getting Dressed and Quick Fixes

By now, you’re probably already aware that a wedding dress isn’t your typical piece of clothing. Therefore, putting it on isn’t like putting on any of your daily wear. Most likely, maneuvering around the dress and getting it on you is, at least, a two-person job. Heed these advices and make sure you’re taking care of your wedding gown up until the very last minute.

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Ready the Tools

When getting dressed, your primary goal is to keep your dress clean and seamless. Prepare a clean white towel, a scarf, and a crochet hook. If the dress needs to be slipped over your head, prepare a scarf to cover your face and avoid the makeup from staining your dress; if the dress has lots of buttons, use a crochet hook to pull the loops over the button; and when eating or drinking before you depart, always have a clean white towel on hand to cover your dress and protect it from any spill.

Get Dressed

Place a clean white sheet on the floor and place you shoes on it. If you’ll be wearing a garter, put it on. Then, unbutton or unzip your dress and position it over your shoes. Ask for help to hold the dress open as you step into it one leg at a time. If the dress requires to be slipped over head, use a scarf to cover your face to avoid smudges. Ask your assistant to button or zip the gown for you.

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Check Your Look

Check the gown to make sure everything is fastened, every part of the dress is draping smoothly, and that there are no stains and smudges. If you want to sit down before departing, sit on a backless stool with your gown spread out around you. If there’s no access to backless stool, ask someone to pull your train up and drape it over the back of the chair. For last minute touch ups or before taking a sip of liquid, drape a clean white towel over the bodice of your dress. Lastly, gather yourself and turn towards the mirror to appreciate how lovely you look.

Move Carefully

When moving around, gently lift your skirt to avoid stains and tears. To do so, bent a little and gather a piece of your skirt, and then lift it up gently away from the ground. If you’re wearing a ball gown with a train, avoid stepping backwards as you might rip the fabric. Instead, try reaching behind you or ask for assistance to lift the train or the back of your skirt. Once you reach your wedding venue, you can drop the skirt or train and it will naturally fluff out as you take a few steps.

Getting In and Out of the Car

Avoid dust, dirt, and greasy door locks when getting in and out of the bridal car. Also, avoid sitting on the dress. Pull the skirt up behind you and lean forward to avoid creating wrinkles on the skirt. Even when the wedding ceremony is over, you still have to take care of your look. After all, you’ve got a long reception and tons of picture taking to get through. If you think you’ll be taking photos outdoors, ask your assistant to bring a clean cloth, perhaps a pillowcase or a clean towel, so you won’t have to sit directly on the ground and stain your perfect white dress.

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Take Care of the Bustle

Decide beforehand when you’re going to bustle your train. While some brides choose to bustle after the first dance, most decide to bustle right after the ceremony. It helps a lot to assign someone to bustle your dress, like a family member, your maid of honor, your wedding consultant, or whoever accompanies you to your fittings and knows the ins and outs of your wedding gown. Once the train is bustled, check to ensure that the hem is even and that the fabric is comfortable to move with and sit on.

Trip to the Ladies’ Room

With a delicate gown on, even going to the ladies room is a two-person job. Ask your maid of honor or your bustler to help you in the ladies’ room. To those brides in ball gowns, take note that you may have to actually take your gown off when going to the toilet.

Some Quick Fixes for Last-Minute Stains

While getting dressed, it’s not impossible to get makeup smudges on your gown. When removing such stains, be very careful as the fabric is very delicate and some liquid cleaner could leave obvious marks. Keep in mind our last-minute fixes and don’t let that little spot ruin your entire bridal visage.

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Makeup Stain. While putting on your gown, there’s a chance you’ll end up with makeup marks on it. For a fast fix, press a little amount of club soda onto the stain and sprinkle with salt to soak up the remaining moisture. If a hind of stain remains, sprinkle it with white talc.

Oil Stain. A drop of salad dressing can be quickly fixed with a talcum powder. Dip a Q-tip into talcum powder, and then generously apply it to the stain. The powder will absorb the moisture in 15 minutes. Dust the remaining powder off, and then repeat the process if necessary.

Water Mark. Sweat and tears can leave a mark on your pristine white gown. Immediately blot the spot with a clean cloth to absorb remaining moisture. Never dry a wet stain with a hair dryer as it may only spread the mark. For a quick fix, use a hand steamer to eradicate water mark, but be sure to ask your seamstress first about using steamers on your gown.

Blood Blotch. In case you accidentally prick yourself with a corsage pin and stained your gown, fix it by dampening a Q-tip with your own saliva and rub it gently on the spot. Your natural acid will reduce the blood stain immediately. This works best when the blood stain hasn’t dried yet.

Taking care of your wedding gown must continue until the day of the wedding. Knowing how to get dressed carefully and properly, as well as keeping in mind the quick fixes in case of stains and spots, will help ensure that you’ll be in your best look on the most special day of your life.

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