Wedding Dress Necklines and Jewelry Styles

The neckline is an important detail of a wedding dress and should be considered with utmost attention. A wedding dress’ neckline frames the face and determines the look of the gown. Discovering the right neckline that will highlight your face starts with understanding all of the available options. Also, it’s worth considering the neckline styles that are outside your usual fashion choices. Here are the different types of necklines and some tips to tastefully accessorize each style.

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As the name suggests, this neckline cuts like a “V” shape. A V-neck can really make you look slender and taller as it creates an elongated silhouette. It also highlights the bust and flatters whether you’re a large- or small-chested bride. All you have to do is to determine if you have large or small bust and decide how plunging you want your gown to be. The more plunging your neckline is, the more emphasis on the chest, which creates an illusion of fuller bust.

Jewelry style: Pick an accessory that mirrors the shape of the dress’ neckline, like a Y-drop necklace.

Square Neck

One of the popular necklines as it suits almost all body types. It is cut following the angular shape of a square and works well with either short or long sleeves. For the breast size, the square neck looks attractive to brides with small to medium sizes as it can be cut low without revealing too much skin.

Jewelry style: This neckline already reveals your gorgeous collarbone, so all you need is a small necklace to balance the angular shape.

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Like square neck, sweetheart is flattering for almost all women and goes well with any style of wedding dress, from strapless to long sleeves. A wedding dress with sweetheart neckline will surely make a full-chested woman look stunning as it will draw onlookers’ attention to the shoulder and controls too much exposure of the bust.

Jewelry style: A sweetheart neckline already draws the attention to your breast; therefore, it would be best to just keep it simple. The subtleness of a pendant or Y-drop necklace is just enough to mirror the shape of the neckline.


This neckline looks like the shape of a boat. It mimics the natural curves of the collarbone, and extends its scoop from one shoulder to the other. Bateau neckline draws the attention to your neck and shoulder, so it works best on wide bust brides.

Jewelry style: A princess necklace or a choker goes very well with a bateau neckline, but you may also go for a pendant or Y-drop necklace depending on the width of the neckline’s opening.

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Halter Neck

The haltered wedding dress gives you a very gorgeous and more slender look. It usually looks like a V-neck or a square neckline with the straps connected around the neck. The halter neckline highlights the shoulders and arms, so be careful when you opt for this neckline style. This can be the best choice for slim brides with narrow shoulders.

Jewelry style: Halters are already a beautiful design and doesn’t need too much accessories, especially when it’s already detailed with bead works. If you really want to wear a necklace, choose something that doesn’t overcrowd the neckline.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neck arcs following a “U” shape. This neckline style is classic and can be cut as low as you want. It is usually the style advised for narrow-chested brides to give an illusion of broader shoulders. If your wedding is going to take place during cold season, scoop neck would be compatible with long sleeves.

Jewelry style: This neckline shape goes well with almost any round necklace that follows the shape of the neckline.

High Collar

A high collar wedding dress covers majority of the chest up to the neck. This neckline is inspired by Mandarin collar, which is commonly used for traditional Asian dresses. A high-collared dress looks good on brides with broad or narrow shoulders. For endowed ladies, it would be better to avoid this style as it highlights the bust area.

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Jewelry style: High collar dresses don’t usually lend enough space for a necklace. With this neckline style, it would be best to wear a gorgeous pair of earrings.

Asymmetrical Neck

This neckline is a very elegant and looks modern. Also termed as “one shoulder neckline,” this style appears with uneven, yet stylish, design and can even be worn with just one sleeve. The asymmetrical pattern looks fabulous to brides with small or medium bust size, as it lures the attention to the bust, shoulders, and arms.

Jewelry style: This style of neckline doesn’t have to be accessorized too much as the uneven look itself is already an embellishment. Skip the necklace and opt for a pair of long, dangling earrings.

Off Shoulder

Off shoulder neckline looks like bateau, but the straps hang off the shoulders. This neckline style is best for brides who want to downplay the largeness of their hips to create a more balanced look. Off shoulder wedding dresses also look best on brides with fuller bust as it highlights the neck and shoulders.

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Jewelry style: Any necklace style works well with off shoulder. For a classy look, wear a double chain necklace.


Strapless is the most popular style of wedding dress neckline and leaves the upper bust, shoulders, and neck bare. One great advantage of strapless dresses is that it allows you to add detachable straps or sleeves, so you can secure the dress in place or just add variety to your look during the day.

Jewelry style: Any type of necklace goes well with a strapless dress as it leaves plenty of space to accessorize.

The neckline is one of the many important details of the bridal dress, but it is the portion of the gown that it closest to your face. A flattering neckline that frames your face is as important as the silhouette that compliments your figure.

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