Wedding Dresses: Column

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Being a slender bride doesn’t make shopping for a gown any easier. Some designs like the ball gown may dwarf your petite frame, while others such as the mermaid gown flaunts curves that you do not have. Don’t be disheartened! You are the rare few who will look absolutely gorgeous in a column dress.  This figure-hugging design makes you as sexy and elegant as any of the full-figured ladies.

The Basic Design

The gown is one continuous piece reaching from your neckline all the way to the hem. As the folds run close to the contours of your body, they accentuate the curves you didn’t think you had. This close-fitted dress is sometimes aptly called a sheath. Its straight lines makes any small framed bride appear taller and slimmer. Wearing a belt or a sash helps to flatten the midsection for brides who wish to conceal their tummies.

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Variations in Gown Design

By changing the skirt length or gown fabric, you can create a dress that is more suited for your chosen wedding theme. A shorter knee-length skirt makes your dress suitable for a casual beach wedding, but when you pick a floor length skirt with a train, you have a dress that is more suitable for a formal church wedding. Another interesting twist would be to wear a detachable floor length fit and flare tulle skirt over your short column dress. After the ceremony is over, you can simply step out of the removable skirt and reveal the dress underneath at your reception. The choice of fabric determines how stiff or figure-hugging your gown will be. You ought to choose softer fabrics like satin to create a folds that flow gracefully over your body, but you may want to switch to stiffer materials like damask when you want a gown that can hold its shape. 

The Ideal Figure

The straight narrow cut is perfect for slimmer women. Perhaps the shorter brides are the ones who benefit the most, because the lines of the silhouette makes her appear taller and slimmer. Even the athletic woman can look good in this dress despite having a more ‘boyish’ or rectangular figure. Though for latter, she may want to add a belt or a sash to help create a defined waist. While curvier women can wear this gown with some modifications, pear shaped brides may want to reconsider getting a column gown. The tight-fitting nature of the gown would emphasis on their large hips and thighs.

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Suggestions for the Rectangle Figure

Ladies with a rectangular figure need to create an illusion of a defined waist by wearing a sash, belt or have details such as fancy beadwork around that area. Sewing ruffles to the bottom of the bodice adds volume to the upper torso and pulls the eye upwards. This will naturally bring more attention to your shapely arms and shoulders. You can even consider layering the bottom half of your dress or choose a fit and flare skirt to avoid overemphasizing your figure.

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How to Select the Perfect Column Dress

Find a Dress that Matches Your Personality: You will look much more radiant when you wear a dress that fits your personality and style. Play around with the colours, skirt lengths and fabrics to play up different aspects of your personality. For example, if you have a fun-loving and quirky personality, you can choose a lovely champagne rather than the traditional pristine white.

Choose Something Comfortable: A column dress is quite restricting. Walk around the room or practise sitting on a chair after you put on the dress. Doing this helps you decide if you can move around comfortable. Should you have difficulty walking or sitting, you may want to get a dress that is a size bigger or one that is made from a more stretchable material. Requesting for pleats or gathers to be sewn at the back of the dress is another way to make it easier to move around.

Take the Theme and Venue into Consideration: You need to remember your chosen theme and venue as you shop for your dress. A short knee-length skirt made from a light airy fabric looks fabulous for a casual beach wedding, but it isn’t appropriate for a formal hotel ballroom solemnization. Your skirt should at least touch the floor for such a grand wedding.  

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Being able to wear the versatile column gown is great! You can get so many variations to changing the neckline, the skirt length or the gown fabric. With the basic silhouette in mind, all you will need to do is look around till you find a dress that matches your personality, style and wedding theme.

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