Wedding Drinks 101: What to Serve at Your Banquet

Next to food, beverages rightfully take a big chunk off your budget for your wedding banquet. It is important to plan your offerings so that they complement the food on your menu, put a smile on your guests, and of course get your money’s worth.

Here is a basic lineup of drinks to serve on your wedding banquet:



There are three kinds of wine to serve: white, red, and rosé. Don’t get intimidated by the whole food and wine pairing dos and don’ts. If you can serve even just one of each kind, you’ll have everything covered. Keep in mind the following basic guidelines:

  •   White – This is the good stuff, best paired with chicken, seafood, white sauce dishes, and salads. You can pick the versatile Chardonnay Blanc to have just one kind of white wine.
  •   Red – Pinot or merlot are the classic choices for red wine that will go well with red meat and tomato-based dishes.
  •   Rosé – This is the sparkling type of wine for toasting. Since you will need more of this kind of wine, you can scrimp on the brand and make sure everyone has a glass to join in the toast.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

This should be your staple drink, one that any of your guests can easily fill up on. Therefore, make sure to have plenty of this. You can serve two kinds of non-alcoholic beverages:

  •   Sparkling grape or apple juice – Either of these would be the drink the kids and non-drinkers can have for your toast. Grape and apple juice can also be the alternatives for red and white wines respectively.
  •   Soft Drinks – This shouldn’t take up much of your beverage expenses as it serves only as “filler” or what you could offer as alternative to the fruit juices. Choose the regular variety of soft drinks to include on your menu.


Bar Drinks

If you’re having a bar at your reception, make sure you have the basics lined up to make it satisfying for your guests. Have enough liquor for your bartender to concoct refreshing cocktails.

  •   Liquor – To have a full basic bar, make sure you have a stock of gin, tequila, rum, brandy, vodka, scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. This should let your bartender have enough mixes for everyone’s fancy.
  •   Cocktails If you’re budget is limited, you can instruct the bartender to offer only 3 to 5 types of cocktails. Request for a ladies’ drink and other standard mixes that your guests would want.

Aside from the basics, consider your personal preference as well, but do not be limited by it. Instead, widen it by trying out different wines, juices, and cocktails. Having the basic know-how on preparing your wedding banquet beverages is helpful in maximizing your budget and at the same time offering a good variety of drinks for your guests.

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