Wedding Emergency: Getting Slimmer With Just a Week Left Before the Wedding

The last month prior to your wedding is bound to be very hectic as you finalize all your wedding details. If you keep a regular job, seeing to the needs of your wedding can pretty much take all your free time and resolve, causing you to miss gym sessions and indulge more in comfort foods (i.e. sugary sweets and other devilish delicacies). Next thing you know you’re 2–3 pounds above your target weight with only 7 days left to lose them.

Well, don’t panic: there’s a safe way to shed those “stress flabs” — or if not that, at least some ways to hide them. But before we go into that, a word of caution.

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Say NO to Crash Diet

What bride-to-be hasn’t flirted with the idea of crash dieting? However, no matter how dire the situation may seem, don’t. Starving yourself is never an effective solution to long-term weight loss. As for the short while, well, you will lose weight, probably, but at the cost of depleting your body of energy and weakening your immune system, and risking dehydration and a stressed heart. Trust us, you won’t be able to enjoy your wedding in those conditions.

Prepping for the Big Day

Getting the right accessories. Heels add height without adding pounds, so they make you taller and slimmer. Avoid foot fatigue by wearing wedge sandals (and no more than three inches) instead of stilettos. Get a professional bra fitting if possible and wear a lightweight shapewear for your bottom. Experiment with a belt or a bow sash to give an illusion of a more whittled waist.

Hair and makeup. The key to a slimmer look via cosmetics is, of course, contouring and highlights, while a thinner face can be further achieved by styling your hair with side bangs and long layers, which frame the face and makes it look thinner. You should have your final wedding look fixed with your MUA no later than three days before the big day.

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Eat less — but eat right. Plan your meals for the last few days leading to your wedding and prepare them in advance. Load up on fruits and vegetables, and eat just enough to fend off hunger (as opposed to stopping only when you’re full). Have 4–6 light meals a day, rather than 3 big ones. Drink green tea to boost your metabolism.

Sneak some exercises in. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, pace around when you’re taking long phone calls, do some standing push-ups while waiting. If you still have time for the gym, focus on your arms as these would be the most exposed parts of your body on your wedding day.

Some Notes on Posture

Do the “celebrity pose”. As the name implies, this is the pose a lot of celebrities take when being photographed at the red carpet — hands on waist, hips turned at a 45-degree angle, one leg crossed in front of the other, and weight placed on the back foot. This stance gives the illusion of a more svelte figure and makes you look 10 pounds lighter.

Avoid the double chin. Even if you’re already slim, you can still have a double chin, which never makes for a flattering photograph. To avoid this, simply stretch your neck and thrust your chin slightly forward. You can tilt your head a bit sideways to avoid looking stiff while showing your better angle.

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For slender-looking arms. If you think your arms still need more toning, you’ll be tempted to press them closer to your body. Don’t, as this will only make them look broader. Instead, hold them away from your body (just enough to give them space) so that any weight falls down. You can rest them by putting a hand on your waist.

The essence of good posture. Above all else, always strike a regal pose by keeping your back straight and avoid your shoulders from slouching. Suck your tummy in and push your chest forward. You should feel a slight tension in your core in this posture — that’s okay — but if you find yourself straining, you’re doing it too hard and need to ease up.

Actual Day Slimming Tips

Calm your nerves. We know — that’s easier said than done, but do try. Being anxious makes you prone to slouching and hugging yourself, both of which won’t improve how your figure looks. Three ways to lose the jitters: meditate or pray at the start of the day, make some goofy gestures, and do some stretches when you get a chance.

Take your time eating. You probably won’t have a lot of appetite on your wedding day, but keep in mind that you do need to eat some to keep your energy up. When you do, make sure to eat your food slowly to avoid bloating.

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Watch what you drink. Avoid carbonated drinks like soda and champagne, as these may make you bloated; as well as liquor, since too much of it will make it more difficult for you to maintain a good form or posture. Just keep to drinking plain water until the latter half of your wedding banquet.

Captivate them with your smile. Technically, this won’t make you look slimmer (though please see above tip about hair and make-up), but a radiant expression will draw attention away from any flaws that you think your body might have. Remember, your most attractive asset isn’t your waist or your arms—it’s your face.

As a final note, please keep in mind that while being happy about the way you look is important on how much you’ll enjoy your wedding, the success of the occasion — the joys you’ll derive from it and the memories you’ll keep — shouldn’t rely on how much you weigh or the measure of your waist. And besides, who says you can’t enjoy the day with a bit of a tummy, right?

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