Wedding Favor Ideas – Think Out Of The Box!

Your wedding favors will serve as mementos for your guests to remember your wedding by, and a way for you to extend the celebration of your wedding. Here are five more wedding favor ideas that your guests are sure to enjoy.

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Nature-Themed Gifts

Having plants as your wedding favor is appealing to a lot of people because they are symbolic of love – something that needs to be nourished in order to grow and flourish. If you too like this idea, you can give your guests small herb plants or houseplants that are just starting to grow.

You can simply place them in terra cotta pots (or if you really want to go green, recycled cans or jars) and style them up by using ribbons and attaching a small card with a short message. You can also plant popsicle sticks or small flags that has your wedding imprint on the soil. Simply visit any garden center or florist in Singapore to take a look at all your options.

Personalized Favors

Adding your own design to your wedding favors makes them more unique and adds sentimentality to your gift. One easy way to do this is by giving customized bookmarks where you can print your favorite poem or passage and markings (or even your photo).

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Other options are coasters and photo albums where, similarly, you can put a picture or message of your own design. If you have artistic friends and relatives – especially if they’re in your bridal party – have them help you make your favors more stylish and to save time.

Buying Online

If both you and your groom-to-be have a busy schedule (and that’s certainly very common in Singapore), you might want to consider simply ordering your wedding favors from an online gift shops.

Your options here are numerous and varied – from common favors like coffee mugs to unique items like rare candies in glass cases. Another advantage of buying your wedding favors from an online vendor is that most of them normally allow for some customization of your items (at a fee, of course), such as letting you put your own monogram or photo on it to give it a more personal touch.

Homemade Goodies

Do you have a baker’s flair, or perhaps you’ve inherited a special recipe from nainai? Then show it off and share it with your wedding guests by cooking up your own favors.

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While your options are pretty limited – it’s largely a toss between jams and cookies – whatever you choose is sure to make a good impression on your guests. To make your favors more impressive, place your goodies in containers with a special message or even your own made-up brand, like “Jill & Kevin’s Strawberry Affections”.

Themed Wedding Favors

Now if you really are having a theme on your wedding and you really love it, then a great way to supplement that is through your wedding favors. Having a garden wedding? Consider giving seed packets that your guests can plant later or small ornamental plants they can keep at home. Beach wedding?

Then fill a miniature beach pail with rock candies, or give any item in teal or blue with a beach motif (starfishes, seashells, etc.). Lastly, you can also give favors that reflect your ethnicity, such as candle holders with a double happiness symbol (for Chinese couples) or an elephant figurine with mehndi designs (for Indian couples).

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