Wedding Favor Ideas – Classic and Conventional

Giving wedding favors is a way to give thanks to your guests for celebrating the wedding with you. It also serves as a great way for them to remember your wedding and have a better appreciation for what you have prepared for them. Here we list five wedding favor ideas that are sure to make your guests remember your wedding fondly.

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Mini Cakes and Cupcakes

These delicious sweets are one of the trendiest wedding favors in Singapore today for the obvious reasons – they’re cute, easy to personalize, don’t cost a lot, and because they’re edible, they’re guaranteed to be enjoyed by your guests.

Another great thing about tiny cakes and cupcakes is that you can use them as part of your wedding decoration by designing them in the style and color of your wedding and displaying them in a place where they are sure to be noticed by your guests (ideally surrounding your wedding cake or at the entrance of your banquet hall).

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea are some of the most affordable wedding favors you can give that your guests will still truly appreciate. If you have a lot of caffeine aficionados among your attendees, then it would be a great idea to give coffee beans or tea bags, which you can put in a burlap sack for a rustic touch or place inside customized coffee mugs or teacups.

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A lot of coffee shops in Singapore may be able to give you a discount (and may even help you decorate your favors) if you buy in bulk from them.

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets

There are two kinds of people – those who like sweets and those who love them. So you can never go wrong by handing out sweets as your wedding favor. They’re easy to prepare too! The easiest way is to fill miniature pails with Jordan almonds (either of assorted colors or in your wedding color motif) with a short message attached.

Another great way to hand out sweets is to put a variety of them in small colored boxes (preferably in your wedding colors) with a stamp of your wedding monogram on top. Some of the best sweets you can give are M&Ms, bubble candies, truffles, Dutch mints, Kisses, jelly bellies, and pillow mints.

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Kitchen Items

Kitchen items make great wedding favors because they’re functional and, with just a little customization, will make your guests always remember your big day. Popular ideas for kitchen wedding favors are salt and pepper shakers, cork poppers and bottle openers, but you can also give out measuring spoons, whisks, pizza cutters, and butter knives. To make them more personal, find an engraver in Singapore to have your items customized with your monogram or a design of your own.

Alcoholic Indulgences

If you want your guests to celebrate your wedding well on into the future, giving out alcohol as your wedding favor is just about the best way to do it. Wine and champagne are the most common alcoholic favors, and they do remain to be the classiest, but they’re not your only options.

You can also order miniature bottles of just about any kind of alcoholic drink – whisky, brandy, liqueur, gin and much more. (Some of these may be hard to find in liquor stores in Singapore though, so you might have to get them online.) And while the price of giving libations can be pretty hefty, it’s a definite way to have your guests toasting to your good fortune.

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