Wedding Flower Misconceptions Debunked

A lot of brides choose flowers for their wedding based on mistaken assumptions. Do you still think you need to carry roses, or that carnations shouldn’t be part of your options? Think again.

Rose Bouquet

Picking the flowers for your wedding is one of the more enjoyable tasks of wedding preparation. And it can be very satisfying too when your choices work out and you get wonderful results. However, certain myths regarding wedding flower arrangement have caused many brides to make wrong decisions, which only lead to dismaying effects. Here’s setting the word straight on the rules on selecting and using flowers on your wedding.

Misconception #1: Real flowers are always better than silk flowers

It’s understandable why many people have this assumption. Real flowers, by their nature, just feel more genuine and appropriate for such a special occasion as a wedding. However, there are circumstances where silk flowers are more suited for the occasion, such as when you’re having the wedding outdoors (especially on the beach) where whole bouquets can wither within hours. Silk flowers can also be advantageous as you can order any kind at any time of the year.

Misconception #2: High reception hall ceilings require tall centerpieces

This is probably the most unfortunate flower myth as it makes couples spend so much on something that, more often than not, doesn’t really get appreciated. In some cases, tall centerpieces may even annoy some guests whose conversations are made difficult by the obstructing arrangement. If you want prominent centerpieces, make them spread across the table instead of towering over your guests. (Make sure, though, that they don’t get in the way of your guests’ eating.)

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Misconception #3: You can have certain flowers all year round

It’s sad to say but there are no flower that blooms all year, though there are long-blooming flowers that can be good decors for your wedding, such as African daisies and day lilies. Some flower stores have greenhouses and import exotic blends, and can provide their clients with a lot more options, but not all flowers can be easily prepared. Thankfully, Singapore, being a tropical country, has a wide variety of flowers that bloom for long periods. When considering what flowers to use, it’s advisable to have a second or even third option.

Misconception #4: Carnations and weddings don’t go together

While some types of carnations are hard to incorporate into a wedding, it’s really a myth that carnations can’t make for good wedding décor. When expertly arranged, carnations can make stunning wedding bouquets and decorations. Carnations come in a variety of colors, which gives them wider versatility than even some traditional wedding flowers. Additionally, carnations are cheaper and can easily be paired with other types of flowers.

Misconception #5: A spring wedding means no dark reds or deep purples

Though many people do feel that bright flowers are only appropriate for weddings in spring and summer, brides shouldn’t feel compelled to follow the tradition. A dark color scheme and unique color combinations can make a wedding peculiarly attractive and memorable. All it needs is a little imagination and a talented florist.

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Misconception #6: “I’m a trendy person, my flower décor should show that”

There’s nothing wrong with styling your wedding to reflect your personality, but it’s not always a good idea to make drastic changes, such as using avant-garde fashion. The thing with fashion is it eventually goes out of style, and that goes against the spirit of weddings, which should have a permanent, timeless feel. It’s good to include a few unusual flower arrangement, just don’t make it stand out too much in the event.

Misconception #7: Roses are the only appropriate flowers for the bride’s bouquet

This is another common wedding myth, and many tempers have been tried just to make sure it happens. But the truth is there is no particular flower that you have to carry as you walk down the aisle. In fact, you can break some other traditions regarding the bride’s bouquet, such as that it has to be bigger than the bridesmaids’ or match exactly. Singapore has a wide selection of flowers that can be made into beautiful a bouquet – don’t limit your options right away.

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