Wedding Flowers on a Budget

10 ways to reduce the cost of your wedding reception flower decorations

Flowers are one of the most important elements of a wedding, and you simply can’t do without them even if you’re keeping a tight budget on your wedding. To have great flower décor without deflating your wedding budget, follow these 10 simple tips:

1. Augment with linen and lighting. While you can’t forgo flowers, you don’t really need a lot of them if you have carefully chosen and arranged your linen and lighting. Choose flowers that will stand out in your linen, and use lighting to further highlight your flowers.

2. Decorate with potted plants. Potted plants won’t work well in every wedding, but when they do suit the style of a wedding, they can be great cost-savers as they can serve as centerpieces as well as the wedding favors. Potted plants are best for garden receptions, but they can also be great for indoor receptions with a light or casual atmosphere.

3. Have your reception outdoors. If you really want lots of greens on your wedding reception minus the extravagant cost that that normally entails, then your best option is to hold your wedding reception at an al fresco setting. You have a myriad of venue options in Singapore, including Fort Canning, Gardenasia and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

4. Use photographs to fill your venue. Instead of flowers, use framed pictures of you and your groom chronicling your relationship to fill vacant spaces in your reception area. It’s cheaper than flowers and you can keep it after the event, plus it would also serve as a talking point for your guests.

5. Recycle your decorations. If you’ll have a lot of flower décor at your ceremony, preserve it and use it to decorate your reception venue later. If possible, choose locations that are close to each other to avoid damaging the flowers during the handling and transport.

6. Don’t be afraid to haggle. Haggling is quite common in Singapore and there’s really no harm in trying to bring down the initial price your vendors give you. Also, keep in mind that you have a lot of options – take time to explore these to make sure you’re getting the best and most affordable deals.

7. Use available flowers. Because Singapore is in a tropical region, the production of flowers is pretty regular. However, there are still instances when some flower types are more plentiful (and thus cheaper) than others. Take advantage of this.

8. Make your own decorations. If you really want to save on expenses, forget getting a professional flower decorator and just create your own decorations. Search the net for cool and stylish ideas and then ask your bridal party (or your closest friends) to help you set up your flowers.

9. Decorate with simplicity. Lavish wedding centerpieces are expensive, difficult, and possibly even tacky. Modern centerpieces have simple designs with a quality of elegance. Popular designs today use clear vases with the flower stalks bare and cut either very long (for plain flowers like calla lily) or very short (for flower with large, colorful blooms).

10. Replace fresh flowers with silk. While silk flowers may not be as romantic as fresh ones, they are much more affordable and they’ll retain their beauty even after the reception. You can even have silk flowers that look just like the real thing. For a perfect compromise, use fresh flowers at the center of your arrangements and then surround it with silk flowers to get a fuller effect.

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