Wedding Flowers Style Guide: Types of Wedding Bouquet

If this is the first time that you are thrown into the wedding floral scene, you may be overwhelmed at the choices you have. Gorgeous blooms are essential in any wedding, and understanding the shape and art of bouquets will come in very useful when you are choosing your bouquets. A bouquet should complement your attire, without letting it overwhelm your beauty.

Yellow Rose Bouquet

Here are some types of wedding bouquets and the type of body shapes they complement.

1. Nosegay
A popular flower bouquet shape is the nosegay. Round in shape and usually consisting of round flowers such as roses, they are warmly clustered together and usually has more greens to complement the floral colors. The nosegay arrangement is best for brides with lean figures.

2. Cascading Bouquet
The most dramatic bouquet arrangement, a cascading bouquet has flowers that flow downwards. Like a waterfall, its tear drop shape exudes a gentle, elegant aura. This type of bouquet is best carried against a white gown background. Brides with a height advantage look best carrying this type of bouquet.

3. The Posy
The most common bouquet shape, a posy is round and is often made up of flowers such as calla lilies and roses. It is also the most versatile of all bouquets, as it suits brides of any shape. However, for petite brides, do ensure that the bouquet is proportionately smaller to prevent it from overwhelming your form.

Photo by La Belle Couture

4. Wrist Corsage
Also known as wristlets, wrist corsages are usually worn by the bridesmaids, not the bride. The subtle beauty of wrist corsages helps the ladies-in-waiting to complement the look of the bride, instead of outshining her. Lithe and petite brides can also opt for the wrist corsage option, but larger sized brides should stay away from using a wrist corsage as the main floral accessory.

There is really no hard and fast rule on how long the stem should be, or how big the bloom can be on a wedding bouquet. However, as a rule of thumb, brides should choose their floral bouquets to complement their body shape.

To ensure that not only will your wedding bouquet suit your bridal look, but also look stunning on its own, have a professional florist to make it for you. If you are in need of wedding flowers, look for a Wedding Florist to help you to design your dream wedding bouquet.

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