Wedding Gown Trends 2015

Things are moving in the field of wedding fashion and 2015 is expected to be a great year for fashion-forward brides. While we’re not throwing tradition out of the window, the general trend in the displays we’ve seen is that different aspects of the wedding gown have taken on major updates.

From gowns that reveal the skin’s beauty, to designs that feature extravagant details, to creations that beautifully merge body and fabric, there’s a wedding gown to suit the style of any modern bride. So if you have a wedding set for next year, it’s time to check out the latest releases from top bridal houses both here and abroad. Below are the wedding gown trends that stood out on the runways:

1. Shoulder Highlights

sh-marchesa  sh-christos

Designers like Marchesa (left) and Christos (right) gave the off-shoulder treatment to their 2015 collections. Considering the charming effect it has on the brides, we’re actually wondering why there aren’t more designers who’ve taken the same step.

sh-left-la-belle  sh-right-la-belle
Featured: Off-shoulder princess ball gowns with taffeta and tulle skirts (left and right, respectively) complemented by exquisite jewelry; courtesy of La Belle Couture

Off-shoulder gowns have a romantic and timeless shape that not only amplifies the bride’s allure but also flatters her figure. A bateau neckline with sleeves in lace is a popular choice amongst some designers, but our vote goes to the more triangular necklines, which has the benefit of creating a whittling effect on the bride’s waist. Brides may also opt for one-shoulder gowns, which accentuate both the slope of the shoulder and the curves of the waist.

2. Rear Elegance

re-left-yvonne  re-right-yvonne
Featured: Sheath wedding gown that doubles as a cheongsam by Yvonne Creative, featuring keyhole back and a lace overdress

A look that will turn heads, illusion and keyhole backs guarantee that the bride’s beauty shines from all angles. These designs are unique for being coquettish without being sultry, making it a great choice for those who want a romantic and sexy look without being too provocative.

re-ferreti  re-pool

Designs by Alberta Ferreti (left) and Kenneth Pool (right), among others, featured illusion backs that create a stunning effect on their wedding gowns. This design is achieved by the use of gorgeous embroidery or meticulous applique backs.

3. Lace Collars

lc-stuart  lc-watters

In 2011, Kate Middleton donned the collared wedding gown to universal acclaim, and it seems that the style is not going away anytime soon. For their 2015 wedding gowns, designers have modernized this style by pairing it with an unconventional crop top, as was used by Elizabeth Stuart (left), or integrating it to a more contemporary, sleek body, as was done by Watters (right).

lc-left-seletar  lc-right-seletar
Featured: Seletar Broadway fused modernity and tradition with this gown featuring a column outline and lace collar and cap sleeves with matching veil

While white lace is traditionally used in ceremonial dresses, more designers are featuring it on their evening gowns as well. Lace doesn’t always have to be white and brides-to-be should feel free to wear dresses with colored or even black laces in pre-wedding events, such as at the engagement party or bridal shower.

4. Rich Colors

rc-left-french  rc-right-french
Featured: French Wedding created wedding gowns with champagne skirts; the left features an asymmetric bodice and ruffles, while the right features a semi-sweetheart neckline and large rosette details

The use of non-traditional colors is perhaps the most common trend for 2015. This style reflects a more welcoming attitude amongst brides towards novel designs. It is the natural progression of designs from the previous years, which saw more designers experimenting with colors.

rc-left-peckham  rc-right-peckham

The most ardent designer of non-white wedding gowns is Jenny Peckham (above), whose Spring 2015 collection is comprised mostly of metallics, beige and off-whites. Other colors that have popped up on the runways are pink (Sareh Nouri), purple (Kelly Faetanini), and yellow (Houghton Bridal). While these gowns may not suit all wedding types, they’re guaranteed to make any bride who wears them stand out.

5. Sheer Beauty

sb-vinieri  sb-herrera

For a more risqué look, brides can go for a skin-toned bodice netting or sheer overlays. Rivini’s designs, exemplified by Rita Vinieris’ lace and organza gown (left), play with these designs expertly, creating modern gowns infused with romanticism. Brides who want a more conservative style can take their cue from Caroline Herrera’s “Carmen” wedding gown (right), which uses lace as an extended cover to create a balance between sexiness and sophistication.

sb-left-zwedding  sb-right-zwedding
Featured: A gown from the Orient Collection by Z Wedding D’sign features an illusion neckline with high collar, and sheer back with covered buttons

6. Ruffles Galore

rg-lhuillier  rg-stuart

An excellent choice for highlighting a sexy silhouette while concealing tummies, the ruffled wedding gown is great for a luxurious bon vivant look. “Teagan” by Monique Lhuillier (left) underplays the ruffles for a trumpet silhouette, while Ian Stuart takes the opposite approach and uses a ruffled apron skirt as part of his burlesque-inspired “Boudoir” wedding gown.

rg-left-volans  rg-right-volans

rg-left-2-volans  rg-right-2-volans
Featured: Volans Couture designed majestic wedding gowns featuring sweetheart necklines and bead accents

Voluminous ruffled skirts are practically a staple design amongst local bridal shops. It’s a favorite among young brides whose delicate frames are both highlighted and balanced by the lower half of the gown. Blooming skirts are usually cut at floor length and worn without any train.

7. Capes and Capelets

cc-sanchez  cc-zwillinger

Cover-ups can easily add a layer of royal beauty and elegance, as shown by the cape on Angel Sanchez’s gown (left) and Mira Zwillinger’s capelet (right). And they’re not just for cold weather either – these are useful options that will look just as dramatic in the sunshine.

cc-left-whitelink  cc-right-whitelink
Featured: Any bride will look like a winter princess in this A-line wedding gown featuring a capelet with beaded appliqué details, courtesy of White Link

While there may not be a lot of hype for it here in Singapore, the caped wedding gown is a standout trend in the international bridal scene. It’s probably because of the hot weather that capes never took off here, but for hotel weddings, there’s no reason why a bride can’t rock a cape or capelet.

8. Airy Skirts

as-acra  as-wang

Elegant and graceful – these are the best descriptions for the designs by Reem Acra (left) and Vera Wang (right), which mix form-fitting bodices with flowy, light-as-air tulle skirts. Unlike the other trends for next season, this one focuses on the bride’s skirt and uses layers to add drama to her every move.

as-left-universal  cc-right-whitelink
Universal Bridal Studio designed princess cut tulle gowns featuring a sweetheart neckline and layered with satin rose detail (left) or tiered peplum skirt (right)

The style is great for weddings with an open-air venue to better let the bride’s skirt blow with the breeze. With good lighting – think a sunny garden or a church with large doors and windows – brides in these dresses would make a beautifully ethereal grand entrance.

9. Vintage Glam

vg-zwillinger  vg-barcelona

Vintage designs are as popular as ever. For 2015, designs by Mira Zwillinger (left) and Aire Barcelona (right) were clearly inspired by the fashion of the roaring twenties and the glamour of the thirties, featuring straight wedding gowns with beaded overdress, simple lines, and high waistlines that emphasize the hips and give an ultra-feminine look.

vg-left-mydream  vg-right-mydream
In this trumpet gown, My Dream Wedding matches a 1920s top and jewelry ensemble with a more contemporary tulle skirt

This trend may have been influenced by recent period films and TV shows such as Downtown Abbey, Atonement and The Great Gatsby. Other top designers who created similar designs are Alberta Ferretti, Christos and Naeem Khan. These gowns, with their classic shapes and romantic patterns, will surely add a vintage vibe to any wedding party and get everyone celebrating like it’s the jazz age once again.

10. Spectacular Details

sd-khan  sd-lhuillier

Many designers abroad used stunning details to create marvelous wedding gowns that irresistibly draw attention. Whether it’s the beadwork, such as with Naeem Khan’s “Bellagio” gown (left), or the embroidery, such as with the “Annabelle” design (right) by Monique Lhuillier, many of the gowns that grazed the runways have distinct, dazzling embellishments that will make the bride the uncontested center of her own wedding show.

sd-left-mydream  sd-right-zwedding
Featured: A mixed fabric hi-low gown from My Dream Wedding (left) and a chic ball gown featuring oversized blooms from Z Wedding D’sign

Some of the gowns we’ve seen were designed so intricately as to have a baroque look, while others used more subtle details like pearls and lattice that are just enough to set them apart from typical wedding gowns. In any case, there is definitely a trend for gowns exuding with opulence and taste, perfect for brides who bask in the limelight.

With all the gorgeous wedding gown collections by top international designers and local bridal houses, it was difficult for us to trim our list to just 10 trends. So while the following trends were not as broadly observed in the runways, 2015 brides will do well to consider these fashion options:

belt-yvonne  plunging-whitelink  assymetrical-labelle
Wide belts, plunging necklines, and asymmetric cuts are also trendy styles for 2015 weddings.
From left to right: Yvonne Creative, White Link, and La Belle Couture

Belted Beauty. Brides who want to emphasize their slim waist can’t go wrong with wide floral belts. As an alternative, brides can also go for big, colorful bows.

Take the Plunge. 2015 wedding gowns with plunging necklines are sexy and the height of feminine expression. They may be tricky to wear among older relatives, but they’re a sure hit among younger guests.

Modern Simplicity. Designers like Amsale used relaxed silhouettes and clean lines to create modern wedding gowns. This style is great for brides who want to exude an image of luxury and sophistication without the frills.

Neckline Marvels.Strapless and sweetheart necklines will be less prominent next year as more gowns will feature halters and high-necks compared to previous seasons.

Appealing Asymmetry. Asymmetrical designs also stood out on the runway for 2015 wedding gowns. These gowns have a novel beauty that’s both modern and romantic.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of next season’s wedding gown trends. If there’s any overarching theme to 2015’s wedding fashion, it’s that the gowns have bolder, more distinct looks as designers played with the traditional gown model and incorporated it with new designs from various sources. So, brides, feel free to follow whichever trend you think suits you as you venture into the next year’s bridal world.

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