Wedding Hack: Double Purpose Wedding Favours

Saving money on wedding favours doesn’t mean going for cheap and useless home display items. There are ways you can keep the quality of your wedding favours without going over your budget.

One of it is by combining your favours with other wedding elements, such as with edible centrepieces or takeaway centrepieces. Through these double duty wedding favours, you can, for example, have pink colours to enhance your wedding theme, and then treat your guests to takeaway strawberry cupcakes as a dessert wedding favour.


Here are some more ideas you can consider for your multi-purpose wedding favours:

1. Seating-Card Sacks

Pair a tag and a muslin bag for economical and easy way to make wedding favours and seating cards at the same time. Put goodies of your choice inside the bag and print tags with your guests’ names and table numbers. Finally, add any motif that matches your theme, such as putting dotty borders on the bag using a rubber stamp.

2. Chair Decoration and Favours Combined

Tie pashminas on chair backs and make it look like decorative sashes. Then tell your guests that they can use it as a shawl if the outdoor temperature gets a little chilly and that they can take it home with them.

3. Place Cards Doubles as a Chair Decoration

Tie a ribbon bow on chair backs and attach it with a tag printed with your guests’ name using a twist tie. This simple place card doubles as chair decoration.


4. Edible Scrabble Tiles

Play with words by using the scrabble tiles as place card. Use colours that fit your theme and surprise your guests by choosing faux wood candy edibles.

5. Multi-Tiered Favour Cake

Making a favour cake is a pretty way to display wedding favours at the reception venue. Like wedding cakes it can also serve as a centrepiece, especially when it is properly done. A fruit favour doubling as dessert can also be arranged in a towering cake holder.


6. Sunglasses as Wedding Favours

Keep your guests shielded from the blinding sun by distributing sunglasses at the wedding venue. You may choose to add a case for the sunglasses and make it look more personalised with your monogram. Your guests will certainly appreciate the gesture—not to mention that they can take it home as the wedding favour.

7. Keepsake Printed with Ceremony Program

Guests in a summer wedding would appreciate receiving a copy of the ceremony program that doubles as a handfan. Print your monogram on the other side of the paper and supplement the design with elements found in your outdoor venue. For instance, add a diamond-grid motif around the monograms to mimic the panelled windows of the venue where the wedding is held. And tie a ribbon bow on the holder for a more decorative look.

8. Photo Frame and Place Card Combined

A personalised mini photo frame like a sand and shell place card holder would be a wonderful choice for a wedding held in a seaside venue. It serves as a place card holder until the evening’s end and guests can take it home and put their own chosen photos from the wedding in it.

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