Wedding Hotel Banquet: Key Questions to Keep in Mind


Finding a good venue for your wedding reception can be difficult, especially when you have to choose from countless of wedding hotel banquet choices that the country has to offer. However, with the right knowledge on how to search for the perfect hotel banquet, you’ll certainly find a place that will meet your requirements, and also complete the experience of the most triumphant event of your life. To get you started, here’s a list of questions that Singapore bridal couples frequently ask.

1.       “If I choose an outdoor hotel banquet, what are its pros and cons?”


Many couples prefer outdoor weddings because it looks very unique and extremely romantic. However, there are pros and cons to be aware of.


– Significantly less expensive than indoor venues
– Reduced decorating costs because of naturally beautiful surroundings
– Photos look better due to natural lighting


– More preparation because of certain factors (e.g. unpredictable weather)
– Extra arrangements are necessary to ensure guests’ comfort

2.       “What can a hotel banquet provide?”


At the bare minimum, you can expect your wedding hotel banquet to do the following:

– Reserve the use of facilities for your wedding
– Setup the reception area
– Provide you with a photographer, florist, and caterer, along with the information needed to setup your wedding
– Provide you with enough time to rehearse at the venue you booked
– Provide you with a contract that states all of the agreed terms about the venue

Most Singapore hotel banquets go beyond the mentioned services. Many hotel banquets either offer florists, catering, wedding planners, and other services or oblige you to use their in-house vendors.


3.       “What’s the difference between a ‘resort wedding’ and a ‘destination wedding’?”

A destination wedding requires the guests to travel to an overseas location, perhaps in the next state or in a foreign country; while a resort wedding takes place in a beach or resort within the locality, eliminating the need to leave home and travel great distances. In terms of planning, resort wedding is much more convenient since most Singapore resorts offer professional planning assistance as part of their wedding packages.

4.       “What are some additional charges I may not have thought of asking?”


Parking fees at wedding hotel banquet venues top the list of fees that bridal couples often forget to ask. Some venues also charge “cake cutting fee” even if you bring your own cutleries and wedding cake. Setup fee and fee for using their sound system may also be incurred, as well as corkage fee if you decide to bring in your own beverages.

5.       “How will I accommodate out-of-town guests?”


The rule of thumb is to offer at least three hotel choices, with different price range, to your guests. Many hotels provide discounted rate for a good number of guests that place their reservations well in advance.

Before you start hunting for the best hotel to hold your wedding, make sure you have fully understood the different aspects of having a hotel as your wedding reception venue. Though it’s the safest and most common choice for an indoor setting, there are still some things that you need to be sure of when considering this choice of wedding banquet venue.

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