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There’s probably no better way to give your wedding guests a great time than by serving them delicious food and luscious refreshments at your reception. But while there are a lot of good wedding caterers in Singapore, not all of them may be a great choice for your specific type of wedding. To ensure that your guests leave in high spirits and with a full tummy, consider these six points when preparing the food for your wedding reception.

catering buffet style

The Type and Formality of the Wedding

Base your menu and catering service on the kind of wedding you’re having. If you’re having a very formal wedding, you should ideally have a four or five course meal served by a professional wait staff. On the other hand, less formal weddings will be okay with fewer dishes or with a buffet style meal. You should also consider your wedding location and theme: for example, a seafood platter will be great for a beach or cruise wedding, while a French-Asian fusion cuisine will create a better impression on a black tie reception.

Your Budget

All brides have their own dream wedding and reception, but not all of us have the money for it. And while it would be grand to prepare a feast for your closest and dearest, you should order your food and catering services only with what your budget allows. Thankfully, there are quite a number of beautiful and affordable reception venues in Singapore, such as Gardenasia and some of the resorts in Sentosa. Note that couples normally spend about a fifth or a quarter of their whole wedding budget for food and catering.

Taste and Presentation

Taste and presentation are, of course, also very important and should not be compromised. The quality of the food is usually more important than quantity, but do make sure that no one goes home hungry. When scouting for your wedding caterer, it’s a good idea to sample their dishes and get recommendations or reviews from past clients. These are normally easily provided by reputable wedding catering services and food suppliers in Singapore. You should also check that the food is served in an appetizing manner. If you’re having a buffet, choose dishes that heat or keep well (that is, they stay looking good even if left for a few hours) like sauced beef dishes and salads.

The Experience and Talent of Your Chef

Given the number of celebrity chefs in Singapore, you should consider hiring one of them (or any professional chef with a good reputation) to prepare your wedding meal, especially if you’re having any prominent personalities at your reception. You can also hire less-known chefs and caterers, as long as the quality of their work meets your standards. Lastly, make sure also that your servers are well-trained and are properly dressed for the occasion.

Your Guests and Their Preferences

When selecting your menu, you should consider the number of your guests and whether they have any food restrictions. Knowing how many will be attending your reception is important because, of course, you wouldn’t want to underprepare, but ordering too much will hurt your budget. You should also know if you have guests – especially principal ones – who can’t eat certain food, whether it’s because of their lifestyle, religion or due to allergies. Also, even if you are the host, your food selection should not be something only you and a few other people could enjoy. Steer away from a purely vegetarian menu or having all the dishes too spicy.

Serving More Than the Usual

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life—and your food should reflect that. If you can afford it, go with something extravagant and innovate on your food presentation and manner of serving. Introduce something special in your fare such as by having a ten-course meal (in smaller options) instead of the usual five. In Singapore, it’s become a trend in the catering business to accommodate atypical requests from clients, such as serving all-organic food, food with a color theme, and special liquor and beverages. The more creative you are, the more memorable your wedding reception will be.

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