Wedding Motif: What Your Color Choice Says About You

The wedding motif is an essential aspect of the modern wedding. It is the element that binds all the other wedding details – from the flower décor to the linens for the tables to the wedding cake – into one harmonious aesthetic. Picking the wedding motif often seems simple. In fact, it’s the first thing many brides-to-be decide on, even before they’ve chosen a wedding date or reserved a wedding venue.

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However, like many other things about the wedding, the motif should be chosen ever so carefully so that not only does it fit the picture of the perfect wedding that couples have in mind, but that it also reflects their personality and style. Read on to know what each color connotes and make sure that it matches the image that you want to present on your wedding day.

1. Red

Red-themed wedding exudes excitement, energy and passion. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes joy and good fortune. Red creates a warm and stimulating atmosphere that encourages lots of action. The following are the variations of red that brides commonly feature in their wedding décor.

• Burgundy – a shade of red with a touch of dark purple or black; it implies romance, energy and controlled passion; given it’s dark shade, burgundy adds a level of formality to the event

• Maroon – a shade of red with a hint of blue; like burgundy, it connotes passion but it is more traditional; maroon-themed weddings are usually held in the fall season

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2. Blue

In color psychology, blue is associated with being reserved and conservative. Making this color the primary hue of your wedding décor creates a peaceful and relaxing environment for everyone. The most commonly used shades of blue in weddings are the following:

• Navy Blue – the darkest shade in the blue family, navy blue adds a dimension of regal grace to the wedding; it looks best paired with ivory, white or champagne

• Azure Blue – the color of a calm sea, azure blue intimates determination and firm resolutions, and best suited for couples whose love traversed great distances

• Sky Blue – this is a safe color as it is loved by everyone; it is the color of cloudless sky on a beautiful morning, and expresses acceptance and optimism

3. Orange

Featuring this color in your wedding will promote a convivial and friendly mood, encouraging friends and family from both sides to mingle and interact. Choosing orange reflects your confidence and extroverted personality. Couples who choose orange love to do new activities and discover things together.

• Pale Orange – this color gives off a subtle energy that is just enough to make an ordinary space look livelier without being overwhelming

• Dark orange – you can choose this color if you want to show opulence and sophistication while still hinting at being a fun and enjoyable company

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4. Yellow

To illuminate your venue and uplift the mood of your guests, include yellows in your wedding. It’s considered a heroic color among Chinese. It signifies neutrality and good luck and is the highest and most prestigious color in Chinese culture. Choosing yellow also tells about your jolly and creative personality as a couple.

• Darker Yellows – this color says that you’re fun-loving and spontaneous, but also that you have a mature personality and a good judgment in life

• Lighter Yellows – displays your young and cheerful personality; it’s the best color for a summer wedding, especially for outdoor or garden weddings

5. Purple

The color of royalty, purple adds sophistication, mystery, and a sense of fantasy in your wedding. Purple as part of your color motif indicates a refined taste or an independent personality. Weddings that primarily use purple are usually unconventional yet elegant and carries a sense of pride.

• Lavender – a shade of purple with a bluish tinge, lavender displays a very feminine charm when used in the majority of the wedding décor

• Lilac – purple with a hint of pink; it carries a kind of bashful beauty with subdued elegance, best suited for small, private weddings with a rustic setting

• Plum – a reddish type of purple, it denotes richness and noble beauty; like maroon, it’s a color of fall, and it works best with gold, green or grey

• Deep purple – the darkest of purples represents grace and boldness; as a strong color it should be used as details rather than the primary color in the motif

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6. Pink

In psychology of color, pink means understanding, nurturing and unconditional love. Choosing pink to decorate your wedding venue creates an atmosphere gentle warmth. Pink is also largely considered a feminine color, so a pink wedding puts the spotlight on the bride more so than other colors. Variations of pink are:

• Hot Pink – modern, chic, and romantic; it’s the most sensual of pinks, a great choice for sassy brides

• Rose Pink – a more delicate shade of pink, rose pink exudes femininity, romance and gracefulness

• Blush – blush or pale pink hints at youth at the peak of its bloom; it has an agrestic, natural beauty

7. Turquoise or Teal

Turquoise and teal are very pleasant colors, and weddings that incorporate either usually carry a light and cheery atmosphere. Decorating your wedding with these colors insinuates your friendliness as a couple, which is sure to spread to your guests on your wedding day.

Turquoise and teal are also the colors of pristine sea, and some believe that is has a calming effect that promotes clarity of thought. These colors also insinuate at an independent and confident personality that can easily go along with other people.

8. All White

Brides who choose all white as a wedding motif has an independent and neutral personality, with an unbiased outlook in life. A wedding motif that’s predominantly white signifies a modern taste that prioritizes order and efficiency and aims to achieve peace and comfort. Decorating the wedding venue with all whites will make it look like a heavenly affair and are sure to leave stark memories to each of your guests. In Chinese culture, white is a symbol of purity, brightness and fulfillment.

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The wedding motif usually combines two colors, and it is up to the couple how they use their chosen colors – whether the two are displayed equally, or whether one is more dominant than the other. Typically, the wedding invite – apart from notifying the guests of the upcoming wedding – is also designed to indicate the motif of the wedding. A general guide to choosing the colors is to either choose analogous colors (colors that are next to each other in the color wheel) or complementary colors (those that lie opposite to each other on the wheel).

Lastly and most importantly, remember that the meanings stated above are just common beliefs of what each color could possibly say about a person’s personality. It could be true in a lot of ways – but color psychology is not an exact science. Nevertheless, the color explanations can be a good reference when choosing your color motif, as well as in making your wedding planning a tad easier.

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