Wedding Photobooth – Make Your Wedding Day Special


Photobooths – you’ve probably seen them in movies, Disneyland, theme parks, and anywhere there’s fun happening. Now that the most fun and exciting day of your life is coming, you too can benefit from the experience of having a wedding photobooth. Photobooths are becoming more and more popular in weddings today. This photography trend is growing as brides search for more ways to make their wedding celebration special and entertaining for all.

Why Make Use of a Photobooth?


For more than a century, the traditional photo strip has captured the hearts of many and preserved precious moments like no other photographic product. Apart from capturing precious moments, its entertainment value catches the interest of everyone.

In a wedding, you can’t expect everyone to dance. However, goofing off inside a photobooth provides enough privacy to let your guests loosen up a bit and play without being self-conscious. Plus, it appeals to all types of people and with all ages. If the booth comes with playful props, like comedy masks and colorful hats, your guests would feel more comfortable to play around and let their guard down, which makes it easier to create spontaneous photographs.

As the pictures are printed out, everybody hurries to see themselves. Most photobooth providers can include the name of the couple and the date of the wedding on each photo strip so it can double as wedding favors. In some ways, the machine can already replace the need for a more elaborate wedding photography package and provide better and more interesting photographs. Couples usually get a collection of all pictures taken during the event in a form of CDs, photo albums, or through an online album. Not only does the compilation offer a look at how everybody had fun during the event, but you also get to treasure those rare moments when friends and family, who don’t often get together, mingle through the fun of your photobooth.

How to Look for a Photobooth?


First of all, bear in mind that not all photobooths are created the same. Prices vary largely, which is usually, but not always, a sign of quality. To avoid disappointment with your photobooth provider, know which features are the most valuable for you, and compare several booth rental companies of the products and packages they offer. Here are some points to look at.


There are boxes, tents, pipes and drapes, kiosks, booths, and pods. Some photographers set up a station complete with backdrop, props, and lighting and call it a photobooth. Check for yourself how the booth would look like on the day of your wedding. While the rate for this photobooth setup might be budget-friendly, find out first what booth is going to show up at the reception. You’ve spent a year to plan your dream wedding and you probably wouldn’t want any unsightly booth to spoil your affair.



There’ll be a number of similarities offered by companies, but each offer different extras. Some are all-inclusive while others upsell from a set of options. The key feature of a photobooth rental is that it should include unlimited shots and free use of props. Prices of photobooth rental in Singapore usually range anywhere between $600 and $1500. When choosing, consider the extra features, number of hours, and photobooth design. Don’t assume companies provide the same number of hours.


Every photobooth company has their own special features to make their product stand out. Consult a couple of companies and compare the features they offer. Find out what extras are included in the package they’re offering you – scrapbooking, props, speaking booth, green screen, video, etc. Also, find out how many photos included in the package, whether prints are single or duplicated, and ask how your copies will be delivered (CD or online). And lastly, make sure to see sample photos taken by the booth or try using the booth first before booking it.


How to Incorporate the Booth to a Wedding?

Set up the booth in an area where it can be easily accessed, but away from the action and service staff. Same with hiring a DJ or an entertainment band, four hours of photobooth rental is usually enough. Typically, couples start their booth during cocktail hour to give people something entertaining to do, and to let them be aware, which will keep them coming back to the booth throughout the night. Unlike dancing, having a photobooth will attract guests any hour of the event. During and after dinner, people usually line up at the booth, so starting your booth during the cocktail hour gets the most photos from your party.

Generally, in the latter part of the reception, the surge is on the music, dance floor, and entertainment. It is likely, by this hour, the flow of traffic to the photobooth becomes slow. A simple announcement from the DJ or emcee that the photobooth is about to close in a couple of minutes will help get things going and fall into right places.

Photobooths are entertaining add-ons to a wedding reception. They make people interact, have fun, and create lasting memories. Wise shopping requires just a little buyer knowledge and smart assessment. If working with a wedding planner, let her know your interests in photobooths and ask for recommendations as to which photobooth provider she’s confident to have for your wedding.

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