Wedding Photographers – How To Choose The Right One

If you want to have special effects in your photos — for example, fish-eye lenses, infrared, and sepia tones, just to name a few — ensure that you have enough samples of your prospect photographer’s work. Your wedding photos should be part of his master collection, not his test runs; ensure that your photos look neither too artsy nor too bare.

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From all your options of professional wedding photographers, choose your top two contenders, and ask each for contact details of their previous clients. Then, ask these clients what they honestly think of their photographer. Would they recommend them to their friends? Why or why not? Ask about what it was like working with the photographer and whether they or their guests noticed anything particular about him, whether bad or good.

Expect to spend a minimum of $1500 and up to $4000 on the photographer. Not only will you be paying the photographer for his time at your wedding, you will also be paying him to develop the photos by hand, one by one, maybe in a darkroom, and assemble all of that into an album. If you wanted special effects and for the photographer to spend more time at the event, it will cost more. If you are on a limited budget, do ask for the base package.

Another thing you can do is ask whether you can share your photos online. You may think that this is a matter of course, but the truth is wedding photographers actually have the copyright of their work and some may wish limit the distribution of their photos. Obviously, it would be good for you if you can share your wedding photos through social media; in such cases, most photographers in Singapore would be happy to oblige, just as long as you don’t make any monetary profit from their work, which is only fair, after all.

You should always double check the details. Many of the large studios have many photographers staffed. Ensure that the photographer that you have ‘picked’ out during the interview will be the one who will be working with you during your wedding. Check out who will be the one shooting the event if an emergency arise. Ask if the photographer have assistants, and how they will be dressed.

Given the many, many points of your wedding plan, write everything down (even if you think you’ve already memorized everything) just to make sure you don’t forget anything. Do not sign anything that mentions the studio being able to send any photographer to your wedding if you feel uncomfortable with any one person in their staff. Inevitably, if you do sign, that will be the one that you have a high chance of engaging.

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