Wedding Photography for Lifetime Memories

If you want to be certain that you have the best photographer for your wedding, it is better to start the discussions early. The advantages of signing a contract with two or three months to spare before the wedding are significant. Once a year, photographers change the prices so you could benefit from a good offer, but you will also have the time to find another photographer in case you have divergences with the initial photographer.

Couple Dancing

In our current generation, it is inconceivable for a photographer not to have an online portfolio. Therefore, the internet has become a main place of search for many looking for a wedding photographer.

How can I assess the experience and quality of a photographer?

For somebody that doesn’t have a professional’s eye for photography, it is probably harder to tell the difference between a good and a mediocre picture, especially with all those considerations involved in a wedding. Therefore, we will try to give you less technical advice.

First, you will have to assess the style of the photographer. On his portfolio site or on his blog, you must try to find a series of pictures from the same wedding. Here are the main styles used by the photographers today:

The documentary style (journalistic)

In the series of the pictures, you will find that 90 % are real pictures from the wedding, not directed pictures. By the term “real pictures from the event”, we are referring to those pictures that were photographed instantly, not those in which the photographer tells you where to sit and what position should you be in. Some other pictures might look so natural that you can’t tell if the photographer intervened or not. Try to look at the pictures from different weddings, and if you see a pattern, it means the photographer arranged it such a way. A great photographer will try to have many original pictures, as it is more important to capture the spontaneity of the event instead of creating artistic but obviously directed pictures.

Portrait style

A photographer whose art works are based on portrait styles will have many pictures taken from photo sessions in his portfolio. During those sessions, the photographer arranges the couple as he likes. We don’t have anything against this style, but a great photographer must be able to cover the event also. Therefore, if your preference is portrait style of photography you can choose this type of photographer.

Amalgam style

The amalgam style is the most interesting one, but you will need an experienced photographer if you don’t want the pictures to turn out strange. The photographer must know how to capture instant moments, and the expressions of the guests without neglecting the couple as well.

The best idea is to choose two or three photographers based on those different styles, but only if the budget allows. This way, you will be certain about the pictures and you can remove the ones that you don’t like.

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