Wedding Photography For The Digital Age

It’s official, film photography is a relic of the past, used only by extreme hobbyists and collectors. Today, if you’re not going digital, you might as well give up any hopes of getting great images. As your wedding photographer will shoot with digital cameras, here are some pointers about shooting in this medium.

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Today’s digital cameras are far more superior than the earlier models, such as those in the mid to late 90s when they first became commonly used. In fact, cameras produced even just five years ago or so are already inferior to today’s latest models. With constant development in technology, digital cameras come in ever higher resolution and picture clarity. Coupled with its ease of use and compatibility with other computer media, it’s clear why all wedding photographers in Singapore shoot with digital cameras.

Any wedding photographer will not just choose a random 35mm film camera to shoot a wedding. Similarly, the photographer will not use a point-and-shoot digital camera to shoot the wedding. Instead, a professional’s top-of-the-range camera comes with extremely high resolution and pixel count, together with a whole host of options and settings that enables the photographer to adjust the look of each image even before it’s captured.

One of the largest advantages of utilizing a digital camera is that results can be seen instantaneously on the LCD screen on the camera body. This will enable the photographer to know if the shot is all right or if he would have to shoot again. Thus, it allows for photographers to be more creative, allowing them to produce pictures with different lighting, depth, color setting and other effects even without the aid of other equipment.

If you are worried about the quality of the pictures, don’t. Nowadays, the 11×14 digital photos are just as good as the 11×14 35mm photos. Most of the time, the difference isn’t noticeable. However, if you are still worried, remember to request for your photographer to produce samples of a 11×14 photo, and ensure that you like what you see.

After your wedding (or even during your wedding), you can easily share your digital images by posting them on social media like Facebook and Instagram. As the images are digital, your photographer may even have your pictures posted directly online. Once your photographer uploads all the photos to a secure site, you can view all the pictures from the wedding, and have the chance to share it with everyone. They can also order their photos online, minimizing the trouble that you will go through processing their orders.

However, even though you’ll pay for your wedding photos are online, you should know that, technically, you don’t own them. While you will, of course, get a copy of your photos, you may be restricted from reproducing them as your wedding photographer will have the copyright of them. Other photographers may keep the high resolution files and give you low resolution copies on a CD. Check and ensure that the contract is acceptable before you sign it.

With digital photographs, adding special effects is also a lot easier. With editing software like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, enhancing and editing pictures to achieve its effect can be done in a breeze. Artistic techniques such as printing the image on watercolor paper utilizing Iris printers will result in images that look surprisingly like paintings. Be sure to check out the photographer’s portfolio of works to observe what artistic techniques he or she uses.

Because you are ultimately paying for your photographer’s skill, choosing digital photographs will benefit you as then, you will be able to choose from a better collection of pictures shot at your wedding, enabling you to obtain a better wedding album.

Just like any picture that is printed on high quality photograph paper, the digital prints will last for decades. However this will be dependent on the kind of printing system the photographer uses. A benefit of digital images will be that now, you don’t have to wrack your brains finding ways to protect your negatives. Instead, all your files can be archived on a DVD or CD, something that will definitely last for many years.

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