Wedding Photography Styles

Planning your wedding photography doesn’t stop at picking the best photographer. You also need to decide on what photography style you want for your wedding. Do keep in mind that most photographers are able to do different types of styles to suit your needs, you just have to ask!

This guide will help you to know enough about each style so you can distinguish it and weigh its pros and cons before making your choice. Each style has a varied approach in recording your wedding day. Pick a style that you will be comfortable with, will suit the theme of your wedding, and will appeal to you visually. There are three styles in wedding photography:

1.   Traditional – Being classic and formal, almost every wedding has at least a photo in the traditional style. This style is usually done in photographing group shots with the couple and their families and friends. Usually, it is in this style that the photographer greatly intervenes in the scenes to direct the poses based on a shortlist that specifically identifies the different shots to be taken. If you pick this style, you can create the shortlist with the help of your photographer to see to it that all the important parts of your wedding and your guests will be photographed.

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2.   Reportage – This style is also known as documentary photography or photojournalism. Of all the styles, this is the most candid. The photographer does not intervene in the scenes and is merely in the background keeping a subtle presence while moments are being captured. This style is fast gaining popularity in weddings as the couples and their loved ones feel more relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. They need not pose or smile in a certain way as the scenes are shot as they are without directives. Some brides find this style to be quite risky as they don’t know what to expect with the output.

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3.   Contemporary – Inspired by fashion photography, the contemporary style has minimal intervention in creating the composition of the scenes but the couple is still free to project naturally and pose comfortably in front of the camera. Because of such an approach, this style is said to be a hybrid of the traditional and reportage styles. Another characteristic of this style is that it makes use of the setting or location and even props in the couple’s pictures to evoke an emotion or visually tell a story. More and more couples opt for this style as it combines good qualities from each of the preceding styles: it has the structured content of a traditional style and the candidness of a reportage style.

Photo by Chris Ling Photography

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If you are not confident enough with your choice of style, it helps to consult your hired photographer’s portfolio to see his or her strengths in photography. Know which of the styles his or her forte is. Let your photographer play with his or her strengths for superb quality photos. Don’t limit your choice to just one style as you can combine them. For example have contemporary style for your pre-nuptial photos, the traditional style for the ceremony coverage, and the reportage approach for the wedding preparations and during the wedding.

Photography styles give you photographs that serve as beautiful mementos of your wedding to make it last an eternity.

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