Wedding Photography: The Photojournalistic Approach

Weddings could possibly be the most meaningful moment that bridal couples celebrate with their family and friends. Because of this, the more it is important to capture each moment in this event.

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With traditional wedding photography, the photographer focuses on capturing formal portraits of everyone—with carefully directed poses, and well-arranged arranged decoration and entourage members. There are even times when key moments in the solemnization are re-enacted for photograph purposes.

On the other hand, with photojournalistic approach, events are photographed as they naturally unfold. This style of wedding photography highlights the emotional bond among the couple and entire entourage. The main purpose of this approach is to capture moments as they happen and tell the story through series of still images. Here are the things that your wedding will benefit from photojournalistic photography.

1. Variation of Photos
If there’s one thing that bridal couples love about photojournalistic approach, it’s the variety that candid images provide. Though formal wedding photos are important parts of every wedding album, it’s not really necessary to have every single photo in the same style. The “monotonous” style of images taken by a traditional photographer results to a flat and meaningless album. Whereas with a photojournalist, the unpredictable poses and natural emotions of the people in the photos give depth and meaning to the photo collection. Because of natural reactions and emotions captured in photographs, telling the story of your wedding is much more effective.

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2. No Obtrusions During the Wedding
When a photojournalist takes photos, he does it without obtruding anyone, allowing event to happen naturally with all the surprises and spontaneity. As a result, won’t feel pressured to pose for the camera and your photos will appear more meaningful and natural. The natural flow of the program takes superiority over pictorial directions, unlike traditional photography approach. Many photojournalists even capture group images in non-obtrusive way and just by waiting until things naturally happen.

3. Combination of Traditional and Candid Images
When hiring a photojournalist, it doesn’t mean that that you can’t have a formal portrait shots. You can always ask your photographer to take several formal shots of you with your party. However, bear in mind that photojournalists can only do very limited number of traditional shots since they don’t specialize in this kind of photography style. Usually, a number of group shots with the family, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the entire entourage are all they can do for formal wedding portraits.

4. Witness Missed Moments
If you don’t want to add up on your wedding expenses for a professional videographer, a photojournalist can be your best alternative to see those moments you missed to witness during your wedding. Since these photographers capture moments as they happen, you’ll be able to witness your little nephew doing a cartwheel while you were busy chitchatting with your college friends.

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5. Saves Time During the Event
Since photojournalistic style of wedding photography doesn’t need directions from the photographer to capture images, it saves more time compared to pose and shot photography style. Remember that the bigger your party is, the more group shots must be taken, wasting so much time and could possible delay your reception program. With photojournalism, it offers mutual benefits to both photographer and the couple. While you’re having more time enjoying your wedding, your photographer will also have plenty of time to witness fleeting moments and do his best to accomplish his job.

Tips to Finding Your Wedding Photojournalist

If you want this modern approach to your wedding photography, you must hire a professional that specializes on this photography style. In order to find one, here’s how.

• Search or request to see for their photojournalism work. Many photojournalists have experiences working as a news photographer. If your prospect photographer is one of those professionals, request to view some of their works. Most probably, they have worked for media outlets, like magazines, websites, newspapers, covering assignments about news and public affairs.
• Look at their wedding works from previous clients. We’re not talking about the 30 all-time favorite shots of a photographer, but an entire photo collection of the most recent wedding shoot. Always remember the reason why you want to hire a photojournalist in the first place—you want creative candid shots than posed ones. If they can’t and don’t want to show you what you’re looking for, there must be something they don’t want to tell you, and perhaps it would be better to move on to your next option.

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• Search for decisive moments in a photographer’s recent wedding photos. Since photojournalism is about capturing moments as they happen, look for candid shots that exudes emotions and captures something fleeting. Imagine how this exceptional skills comes into play in your wedding, which is a day long series of once-in-a-lifetime moments. The real challenge is to capture each moment in photographs that will soon serve as pieces of evocative art in the following years of your life.
• See if you’re comfortable working with the photographer. On your wedding day, you’ll likely to spend most of your time with your photographer. They are present while you’re getting dressed and while you’re having a moment with your parents. They are around for the kisses, tears, and hugs. Therefore, it is important for you to feel comfortable with them. Spend time with your photographer. Meet often and take advantage of pre-wedding photo shoot.
• Follow your instincts. After gathering everything you need to know and confirming the credibility and skills of the photographer, feel your instincts whether it agrees with you or not. Instincts may be impulsive but often result to better decisions. All you need to do is to listen to them.

Photojournalism approach is new to wedding photography, but is rapidly gaining recognition. Many bridal couples consider having these style of photography as it is considered much easier, less time consuming, and much more attractive compared to traditional wedding photography style.

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