Wedding Photography: What Is Boudoir Photography?

First things first. How do you really pronounce the word? Boudoir, pronounced as “bŏo dwăawr,” is a French word, which means a “woman’s bedroom.” Therefore, boudoir photography takes place in a bedroom, a hotel room, or in any private setting where it’s possible to create classy photographs of the bride that can be romantic, soft, sensual, sexy, or naughty. The main purpose of boudoir photography is to capture you in the most flattering way by guiding you through the right poses that will complement your body type.

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Hair and Make-Up

If you’re not among those brides who are well-versed when it comes to styling your own hair and makeup, there are plenty of other options available for you. Department stores and salons are good beauty resources, as well as those photographers who have their own hair and makeup artists. Ask your hired photographer if they have someone who they regularly work with and can recommend to you. Either way, make sure to inform the makeup artist that it’s for a photo shoot as makeup for photography needs to be a bit darker than the usual.

Body Image

Most women don’t have supermodel bodies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy and gorgeous boudoir photographs. Professional photographers know how to highlight your assets while disguising the areas you’re not so proud of. They will guide you through the right poses to help you flaunt the right curves of your body, and do necessary digital touch ups for a more flawless finish.

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Clothing Choices

When choosing clothes for boudoir photo shoot, the most important thing is to wear outfits that make you look and feel sexy. A good rule of thumb is to bring something, black, white, and something in bright solid colors so you can just mix and match during the photo shoot session. Sexy laced bras, panties, stockings, corsets, tank tops, denim booty shorts, and your man’s sports jersey and business shirts are just some of the most popular picks for this photo shoot. In addition, don’t forget your jewelries, sexiest pair of heels, and that diamond engagement ring.

Modesty and Nudity

It isn’t a requirement to take all your clothes off to look sexy. Fully clothed, partially clothed, a hint of nudity, and fully nude can all look sexy. Your confidence and attitude in front of the camera, as well as the skills of your photographer, greatly contribute in making you look sexy without stripping off much clothing. Also, be sure to let your photographer know how much skin you’re willing to show, and trust them to keep the parts you wish to stay hidden.

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The privacy of the photos is one of the major concerns of most brides due to the intimate nature of boudoir photography. All boudoir photos must be kept in strict confidentiality and no images must be shown without the permission of the client. Your photographer must have their own professional labs and album that will safeguard the privacy of their client’s photos.

Bringing a Friend

Although you don’t want anyone watching you and feel conscious with your poses, it’s a good idea to bring someone along. It will make you feel more at ease if you have someone who you can make a few jokes with, plus she could give suggestions on the poses to make. Another great idea is to bring a bottle of bubbly. A glass of champagne can help a lot to loosen things up.

Some Outfit Ideas for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Corsets – They are fun, elegant, and sexy… and they make you look awesome! However, also bear in mind that corsets are not very comfortable to wear. If laced up tight, they are hard to breathe and move in and, therefore, hard to look happy in. But if you’re a believer of the old philosophy “Pain is Beauty,” then rock that corset off.

His Top – Look for you groom’s favorite top and wear this in one of your boudoir photos. His workout shirt, business shirt and tie, or favorite rock band tee can be a sexy outfit to wear, and will surely tickle his imagination once he sees your photos.

Babydoll Dresses – Sexy, soft, and cute, babydoll dresses are a fantastic outfit option. They give you the right support where you need it and enough coverage where you want it. If you’re not very confident with your mid-section, babydoll dress is a great choice. They come in sheer and solid fabrics, so you have total control on how much skin to show.

High Heels – This is a must-wear along with any choice of garment. If you want an instant booty lift, nothing does that better than a great pair of heels. Though photographers often recommend to go barefoot, if you want to wear heels, make sure to wear HIGH heels. Two-inch heels aren’t high heels, and doesn’t make you look sexy at all.

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Panties and Bra – This is the simplest outfit, but can be very daring. Make sure, though, that the bra is a perfect fit and the panties feel comfortable to wear. The bra could be a size smaller than you normally wear and the panties may be a size bigger. Thongs are a very sexy choice too, as long as they fit you right. If you feel uncomfortable with only a bra and panty on, you can wear it under a chemise or robe.

Bustier – This functions almost the same as corsets, but it has one thing that corsets don’t have—it’s got cups. While a corset flattens your chest from compression, a bustier provides support with an underwired cups. Bustier are also made of softer materials so they are more comfortable to wear than corsets.

Nothing – If you’re confident with your body, or just budget-conscious, wear nothing. Perhaps, you can make use of a bed sheet or play with the lighting to create a sexy silhouette of you posing like a pro without exposing any of your private parts. If you’ve worked hard for that body, this can be a very empowering and great experience to try.

Boudoir photography can spice up your wedding photo collection and is certainly a very interesting gift for your soon-to-be-husband. Whatever your preferences are, in terms of style of the photography and how revealing you want to be in the photos, just make sure to be upfront with your photographer. You’re professional photographer have shot many of this kind before, so trust them with your boudoir photography.

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