On Hindsight: 4 Bride’s Experience on Wedding Planning

All brides want to have a wedding that goes according to plan—no unsavory family drama, no problem with the food arrangement, no disaster brought on by the weather. But as much as we wish that to happen, things don’t always shake out the way we want them to. In this article, four recent brides look back on their wedding day and share their thoughts on how to avoid the setbacks that they experienced. Listen carefully, brides-to-be, and learn.

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1. At the Reception

Our first Singapore bride regrets ordering a chocolate fountain for her wedding, forgetting that she also has six flower girls in attendance. The combination of unattended kids and chocolate nearly ruined her wedding dress, if not for wet wipes and some quick thinking, which thankfully saved the day.

Perfect Weddings’ Tip: Prepare a bridal emergency kit containing painkillers for headaches, clear nail polish to fix stocking runs and a sewing kit. Even without the kids or the dripping chocolate, brides or their assistants should still be prepared for emergencies. Let the maid of honor collect and keep the items on hand – the bride has enough to worry about as it is.

2. Food Portions

Bride #2 had shrimps at her reception. None touched her dress; in fact, the problem was that some of her guests hoarded the delicacy, leaving none to the others. When the bride found out, it was too late to order for more. The result: a fretful bride and guests who are a little unhappy about their meals.

Perfect Weddings’ Tip: A wedding is a long ceremony, and after all that waiting, the guests would have quite an appetite and are looking forward to the food at the reception. Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, while looking very pretty in the presentation, will not do much to fill up stomachs, especially if you have some prodigious eaters attending. Prepare for such an eventuality and make sure all your guests go home well fed by allocating sufficient budget for your food.

Alternatively, you can sit down with your caterer to plan out a satisfying meal for everyone. This is especially true for receptions held in the evening, when guests will expect dinner-sized servings, instead of just finger food.

3. About Transportation

One other bride regrets not making a test drive from the ceremony to the reception herself, so that she could give clearer directions to those attending. Instead, she relied on information she found online, and many of the guests lost their way. She still hasn’t heard the end of it.

Perfect Weddings’ Tip: If you’re holding your wedding ceremony and reception at different venues, make sure that all your guests are fully aware and know how to go to each place. Online maps are convenient but can be outdated, or take a longer route. Guests who have gotten lost will show up frustrated, which will surely show in your photographs. So if any of your venue is not very popular, include its address and directions on how to get there on your wedding invitation. Also include a number guests can contact should they get lost.

4. Being the Bride

Not thrilled with your reflection as you’re shopping for dresses? Learn from one Singapore bride’s regret that she didn’t take the opportunity to get in shape despite having the time and the equipment.

Perfect Weddings’ Tip: Start a pre-wedding exercise routine. While you don’t necessarily have to lose weight, it’s still important to follow an exercise regiment to get into your best shape for the best day of your life. Your photographs will look that much better if you’re not obsessing over sucking in your tummy or positioning yourself to find a more flattering angle. Wedding planning usually starts about a year before the actual event, so brides have lots of time to knuckle down and get in shape.

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