Wedding Planning Tips

1. The Bridal Outfit

One bride wishes she had taken photographs of her bustle at the final dress fitting with the recommendation of her bridal gown consultant so that she would have a visual record of how the whole ensemble is supposed to look like. When she was getting ready for the reception, no one could get it quite right.

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Tip: Most bridal boutiques do not allow taking photographs of their gowns. So, for your final fitting, bring along a member of your wedding party, who can study and learn the exact techniques from the bridal gown consultant on how to arrange the bustle, which is by no means an easy task. And of course, take photographs from all angles so that you can recreate it on the wedding day.

2. Dealing with Bridal Shops

Weddings is a lucrative business and this attracts some less-than-honest business owners. Learn from one bride’s mistake and make sure you do an Internet search of the shop that you’re thinking of signing up with. Singapore has many sites that offer great information about bridal boutiques. And because there has to be more than one bridal shop in the area, go for another one that has better business practices.

Tip: Before putting down the hefty deposit at a bridal shop, check its reviews and track record in Singapore. An impulse purchase is definitely inadvisable when it involves weddings, due to the emotional and financial investment this entails.

3. Donning Your Makeup

Brides naturally want to look their best on their wedding day, so communication between the bride and her hairstylist and makeup artist must be open so that the bride doesn’t end up wearing accessories or colors that don’t suit her merely because it’s considered “standard”. For example, a bride could now refuse to wear false eyelashes, explaining that they work for some people but not for her.

Tip: Have test runs of the beauty products, cosmetics and accessories that you intend to use so that you can see their effect and get used to them. Don’t be afraid to say no to something that you feel is less than flattering.

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