Wedding Proposals: Film Edition

A wedding proposal captures the essence of the couple and their relationship. It gives us a glimpse into their history, their status as a couple, and what better way to do that than on the big screen? In the film edition of wedding proposals, we list some of the most unique, unusual proposals to grace the silver screen.

Jamie and Aurélia, Love Actually

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Jamie and Aurélia are proof that love does transcend all languages and cultural backgrounds. In this ultimate Christmas quintessential, Jamie, a writer moves to France and falls in love with his housekeeper who only speaks Portuguese. Jamie eventually returns to France with the intention of proposing to his foreign love, in Portuguese, no less- in front of a massive audience that has tailed him down the streets of France just to find Aurélia at the restaurant where she works at. With an audience of surprised staff and customers, in imperfect Portuguese he declared his ‘I’ve come here with a view of asking you to marriage me.’ As if they were always meant for each other, Aurelia replies in English, ‘yes’. With the soaring chorus of orchestral soundtrack, they kiss and it feels like a Christmas miracle.

Andrew and Margaret, The Proposal

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How could we miss out one of the more unconventional proposals, one not out of feelings but to avoid being deployed? Margaret, a Canadian working in New York convinces her employee Andrew to be her short-term fiancé or she faces risk of deportation charges because of her expired visa. Not one but two proposals are staged in this film as Margaret, in her teeny-tiny Louboutines, kneel down in the middle of a street, while popping the question rather mechanically. The couple do eventually get engage, stemming from genuine feelings (like us regular people). Andrew proposes in the middle of the office, ‘Marry me. Cause I’d like to date you,’- taking it back to where it all started.

Will and April, Definitely, Maybe

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When a rehearsal proposal is able to stir up some sort of response on your partner, you know it’s guaranteed to be a success. In preparation for his actual proposal to his college sweetheart, Will decides to practice on April, his colleague and friend. As they saunter across a rooftop, Will gives it a shot, at first bluntly and completely unfeeling. April brutally rejects him, chiding him for his straightforwardness and prompts him, ‘Why do you even want to marry me?’ Will in a fit of frustration bursts into a declaration that stuns the even most cynical, anti-marriage toting twentieth century modern woman, “When you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. So, will you marry me?” April taken aback, by his heartfelt words, gasps, “Definitely, maybe.”

Ben and Alison, Knocked Up

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An empty ring box, a barely there relationship, plus a baby on the way- makes for one of the most awkward wedding proposals in cinematic history. Ben and Alison, essentially strangers, find themselves as parents after spending a night together, it is the most unusual pairing, with Alison being a successful career woman in the entertainment industry and Ben, living off funds from an injury and completely laidback- the two are polar opposites. They decide to give their relationship a chance however, almost like a fickle decision, Ben decides to propose to Alison- with no ring, no less, “Basically I’m asking you, will you marry me? Because I’m in love with you.” The empty ring box is symbolic, in this case, a promise Ben makes to one day give her one that Alison deserves.

Neil and Beth, He’s Just Not That Into You

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In the classic example of a union between two people with different stances on marriage, Neil and Beth are a long-time couple, with Neil being anti-marriage while Beth has been waiting 7 years for him to pop the question. Neil employs one of the sneakiest yet meaningful methods, by hiding a ring box in one of the pockets of his cargo pants, “check the pockets,” he hints. Neil professes, “I need to make you happy at even having a shot of being happy.” His understanding that getting married holds importance to Beth makes this proposal one of sincerity, showing maturity and compromising from both parties.

Victor and Emily, Corpse Bride

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Imagine pacing alone in a forest at night, practising your wedding vows and placing a ring onto a supposed branch, only to turn out to have accidentally proposed and married to a dead bride. Even animated characters have marital woes too. Victor ponders over his wedding vows to his beloved in a forest, often proclaiming the oddest most peculiar lines of affection, in a bid to express himself. After he takes a whiff of a flower crown, he gets inspired, “With this candle I will light your way in darkness, with this ring, I ask you to be mine.” He then places the ring precariously on a branch, and the mood quickly changes, crows warn him of his impending doom, before the ‘branch’ clutches his hand…. dragging him to the Land of the Living Dead. Turns out the ‘branch’ was a hand belonging to a dead bride, talk about unfortunate wedding proposals.

The dramatisation most apparent in movies will lend some colour to proposals too, and although some situations may not translate to reality, (how many of us can say we’ve had a foreign love and proposed during Christmas?) it is worth celebrating, the little successes in fictitious characters’ lives. However uncommon the set of circumstances they face, they inspire us to confront whatever situations we have with our partners with the same amount of dexterity and steel. After all, love will triumph, and that is all that matters.

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