Wedding Stationery Checklist

Wedding stationery plays an important role to your wedding. It informs your guests about your upcoming big day and it helps organize your guests on the actual wedding day. Wedding stationery is composed separate items, each of which serve their own purposes. What are these items and their purposes? Read on and find out.


Engagement Announcement

Supposedly, this should be a part of the wedding planning, but most couples choose to skip this part. This is when you announce to your friends and relatives that you and your beloved partner are finally engaged and looking forward to getting married soon. In case you want to include this on your wedding planning process, make sure that the announcement cards reflect you and your partner’s personality. You can have it as modern or as traditional as you wish it to be.

Save-the-date Cards

These cards serve as foreword to the official wedding invitations which will be given once the wedding details have been finalized. Save-the-date cards contain basic information about your wedding, like its place and date of the wedding. Specific time and venue details can be set aside for the wedding invitations. Save-the-date cards are usually sent 6-4 months in advance to let your invitees arrange their timetables ahead of time. This is very helpful especially to couples who are planning for a destination wedding.

Wedding Invitation Cards

The invitation cards are the formal invitations you’re going to send to the guests at least 7-5 weeks before the wedding day. The invitation cards should contain your name and your spouse’s name, the wedding ceremony and reception location, and the date and time of the occasion. You can also include the dress code and the RSVP date.


RSVP Cards

RSVP cards help you to determine how many guests are coming. Leave a small blank space on the card where your guests can indicate if they will be coming and if they are brining other people with them. You can also add one more blank space where they can state their special dietary needs.

Escort Cards

Escort cards help organize all your guests without having an usher or usherette. Escort cards are placed by the reception venue’s main entrance door. These are used to help guests locate their designated tables. When they arrive, guests will look for their names, get the cards and proceed to the table number indicated on their cards.

Place Cards

These cards are placed on the table, in front of every seat, to help your guests find their seats in your reception venue. This will also help your guests locate their places, as well as notify the catering and serving staff which guests have special dietary needs.

Table Cards

Table cards are placed on top of the table to help guests identify their designated tables. These cards usually carry numbers that correspond to those on the escort cards. You can also use symbols, colours, and names on the table cards instead of the typical numbers.

Thank You Cards

Show how much you appreciate your guests’ presence on your wedding day by sending them thank you cards. Thank you cards are usually sent 2-3 weeks after the wedding. Send one to every guest, including the suppliers and vendors of your wedding.

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