Wedding Stationery Design Ideas

Your wedding will require various stationery materials to let everyone know that the big day is about to come. You will be using wedding stationery throughout your preparation to help organize everything. Given that you will be using papers of different forms and sizes, you need to carefully think about each of your choices so that they match the overall theme of your wedding.

Even in our digital age, you still can’t skip using some stationery. In a way, it’s even more valuable because a message in paper has now become a welcome break from reading messages on our computers. Your stationery is also important because it gives your invitees a glimpse of your wedding, particularly regarding your theme and level of formality. From plain coloured to pattern printed papers, there are several selections of designs you can use for your wedding stationery. What are they? Let’s find out.


Card Stock

For a more convenient and straightforward approach, use card stocks in basic colours. White and cream coloured card stocks suggest a formal and sophisticated wedding, while pastel coloured card stocks suggest a casual and laid-back wedding. Decide on your colours after you have determined your wedding theme.

Patterned Paper

Papers with patterns, designs and images will certainly add style and personality to your stationery items. Patterned papers are also more appealing than ones in plain, solid colours. Your stationery vendor may offer a wide range of choices of patterned papers that can help accentuate your wedding theme, or you can personally look for these in craft shops and scrapbook stores.



Vellum is another very common wedding stationery accessory. Vellum is mostly used on invitation cards to add softness and elegance to the paper’s appearance. Add this thin paper material on the body of the card to make it look more appealing.

Fabric Accessories

Fabric accessories add texture and detail to your stationery items. These are best applied to solid coloured paper to break the plain appearance of the material. You can make use of ribbons for formal themed wedding and polka dots or flowers for casual and laid back weddings.



Add uniqueness to your wedding stationery by placing custom-made stamps, which are more convenient to use than any other stationery accessories. You can simply stick one or two stamps on each card to give it an innovative and personalized appearance.

Photo Cards

For something more unique and personal, you can show your passion for photography by using photo cards instead of the conventional stationery papers. This idea is suitable for less formal wedding stationery, such as save-the-date and engagement announcement cards. You can make use of your engagement photos as your photo cards. If you want to include more than one photo, make sure to follow basic layouting principles and that you don’t forget to put the important wedding details.

These are just some of the wedding stationery designs you can use. You can make your own according to your preferences and style. You can also mix and match those designs depending on your style and taste. Just remember that, in most cases, showing less can mean more. Be careful not to over accessorize your stationery to the point that it looks tacky.

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