Wedding Theme: Where to Find Inspiration

You’re engaged! Congratulations! While you’re still ecstatic about your engagement, it’s best to get started with your wedding theme. The excitement and elation you feel should inspire you to come up with an idea for a theme that’s true to your personality and story as a couple.

If you really want your wedding to be unique, you have to work with what is true to you and your fiancé. Here are some aspects from which you can draw inspiration for a theme that is honest and personal.


1. Couple’s Flair

What is a couple’s flair? It’s the identity created from your chemistry as a couple and how your interests and personalities combine. This can be reflected through activities that you both love to do or your lifestyle as a pair. When you know what unifies you as a couple, your wedding can be a reflection of who you both are. More importantly, it will make your wedding more identifiable to your family and friends. This is a good start in exploring a theme that you can truly call your own.

2. Your Love Story

How you met, how you fell in love, the challenges you faced, and the milestones – these are all rich sources of inspiration for your wedding theme. You want your wedding to be an opportunity to share your story with your loved ones. Perhaps you can have your wedding on the hilltop where he proposed, or you can set your wedding on the date when you officially became a couple. These details taken from your love story can be developed into a unique theme.

3. Cultural Heritage

Your wedding can also be a celebration of your cultural roots. You can go all out with tradition or you can create a modern twist for a more contemporary approach. If you have an interesting mix of cultural background, be creative with it and have a fusion of your cultures and traditions. Your cultural heritage as a theme will add colour and vibrancy to your wedding, such as if you have a traditional Chinese, Malay or Indian wedding.

4. Your Favourite Things

It’s about the books, movies, songs, and other interests that you share. These favourite things will help you figure out what motifs you can use for your wedding, what food to serve, and even when to have your wedding. The things that you both love can supply you with ideas in finalizing your wedding theme. When you’re working with the things you love, you can never run out of ideas in making it a memorable affair that is true to who you are as a couple.


5. Other Weddings

Truth be told, there are hardly any original wedding ideas anymore. But you can still personalize your wedding to make it distinct and fresh. You can learn from other weddings that you’ve gone to. If you remember details that you found problematic or ineffective, then avoid it for your own wedding. Similarly, you can also adapt some ideas or practices from other weddings that you really liked. It’s better to get ideas from the weddings that you’ve attended rather than just recreating a theme from a magazine. An actual experience is a better gauge of whether an idea will actually work.

6. Outside of the Box

Unlike other ideas that refers to your style, this idea is more about exploring things that you don’t normally associate about yourself but you are nonetheless interested in. Going outside of the box is trying something different from what you normally are. This can be a fun, experimental approach in creating a theme that will be both exciting and memorable. For example, you can have a sci-fi-themed wedding if one of you is big sci-fi fan.

7. A Significant Place

This can be a place that you frequent as a couple or one that has a sentimental value because of a milestone that happened in it. If you have such a place, then consider this as the venue for your wedding. It may be a public park where you have regular picnics together, or the public library where you met, or even a favourite resort where you normally celebrate your anniversaries.

8. The Season

One of the earliest decisions you make in the course of preparing for your wedding is the date. Consider the season in which you want to have your wedding and it should guide you in how to create the entire look and feel of your wedding. But don’t overlook infusing your personal touches on the details of your wedding so that it doesn’t become a generic type of summer or winter wedding. The season will guide you in making your choices for flowers, food, attire, décor, and other details of your wedding.


These are only some of the wonderful sources of inspiration for your wedding theme. It all depends on where you look, what inspires you, and how you want your wedding to be. What’s really important is to choose a theme that you really want and not something that is just trendy. Taking your time in deciding on a theme will help you in planning your wedding smoothly and with much inspiration.

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