5 Essential Wedding Tips for the Groom


While men do care a lot about their weddings, most don’t get particularly excited about being a groom. This often results in earnest, young grooms behaving less-than-exceptionally and their unhappy brides. Want to avoid getting a hard time from your wife-to-be? Follow these wedding tips:

Share responsibilities

Again, if you’re like most Singapore couples, your bride has taken the lead in your wedding planning and wedding preparations. But this shouldn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything. Be considerate and ask her how you can help and do as she asks. You can also make things easier for everyone by contracting the right vendors, wedding planner, and your best man, who will be responsible for some of the most important tasks of the wedding.

Make it about her

In practically all couples in Singapore, the wedding is more important to the bride than it is for the groom. It’s her big day, and more than any other time in your relationship, it’s on your wedding that it’s most important that you make her feel special. While tradition dictates that you don’t meet before the ceremony, you can send her your own personal wedding gift (a special bouquet of flowers, for example, or a piece of jewelry) in the morning, and then whisper to her how beautiful she is when you finally stand together at the altar.

Look your best

Your bride will be the most beautiful woman on the day of your wedding, and being her partner and the most important man of the day, it’s only right that you too be as handsome and as dashing as you can. Make sure that all your clothes fit you perfectly and that you’re comfortable wearing them. A month before the wedding, start and maintain an exercise and diet plan to be in a good shape, and get a professional haircut at one of the salons for men in Singapore a week before. Get proper sleep on the night before the wedding and have a clean thorough shave in the morning.

Keep your cool

A common problem in wedding planning – and this is perhaps more common in Singapore than in other countries – is how your families and relatives will try to intervene or disagree with your plans. Don’t get riled up about this, be sure to calm your bride, and smooth things out with everybody as diplomatically as you can. (Remember, it’s your wedding – you call the shots.)

On your wedding day, some things will probably not work out as you planned. Maybe the weather suddenly turned bad, or maybe a member of your entourage got sick. In such and other similar cases, have your best man or wedding planner take care of it and just proceed with your wedding as best as you can. Whatever the problem may be, just deal with it and don’t let it ruin your day.

Show your appreciation

The day of your wedding can be very stressful and you will probably overlook some things – but showing your appreciation shouldn’t be one of it. Tell your bride that you are thankful for the effort put into the wedding, and take time to personally show your appreciation to her family and yours for their blessings and participation in your wedding. Do the same with your bridal party and don’t forget to give them some tokens to show your gratitude. Lastly, thank your guests for attending your wedding and for celebrating the most wonderful day of your life with you.

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