Wedding Videography Styles

Videography has quickly become essential in documenting the wedding. Now, records of your wedding is no longer limited to photographs; through videos, you can also record the sounds and motions of the most magical day of your life. A video of your wedding will let you relive that special day every time you watch it. Indeed, it is an effective means of telling your love story and preserving the entire experience of your wedding.


Wedding videography can be categorized into two styles: documentary and cinematic. Each style has their distinct features in capturing your wedding moments and and telling your love story. You can even have a combination of the two if you think that will improve the quality of your video. With a professional videographer and your full cooperation and contribution, there’s no limit to how creative and captivating your wedding video can be. Below are a brief discussion of the two styles and how you may fuse them.


This style captures your wedding as it naturally happens. It’s an on-site, on-the-day coverage of your wedding with limited editing and no scripts. This is done with at least two cameras: one is steady to capture the course of the ceremony or the program while the other takes footage of the other happenings and the guests in your wedding. These shots are then weaved together on the spot and can even be viewed at the end of the reception.

When it comes to cost, the documentary approach requires less hours of labor, and thus, it is more affordable. It also doesn’t require much from the videographer except to be technically sound in seamlessly tying together the footages with your music of choice.



The cinematic video is a style that lets you and your videography team get creative with the content and presentation of your wedding. In a lot of ways, following this style is like creating a short film of your wedding or your love story: it requires you to have a script, storyboard, precise shots and extensive editing. If yo uwant to have this style, you need to work closely with your team of videographers and come up with a concept that can translate your personal story and style on video.

This style can be more expensive as it requires more from your hired videographer. Not to mention this will likely be a longer video footage. This style is also customized to your personality as a couple thus requiring more involvement from you.


Fused Styles

The documentary and cinematic styles of videography are not mutually exclusive – you can have one while incorporating elements of the other in your wedding video. Therefore, these styles can easily be merged. You can also have as many footage as you want. You can have prenuptial, on-site, and wedding preparation videos in different approaches. It is important to discuss and be clear with your videographer as to what you want and how you want your videos done.

Don’t be too mindful in differentiating the styles; think of them merely as a guide and not a rule. Let your creative juices flowing and play around in the use of light, color, sound and music in creating your wedding video. Also allow your videographer to have some freedom in executing an output that will please you and be close to what you intended to have.

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