Weddings: Going Eco-Friendly with It

Going environment-friendly is the chic way of exchanging vows while reducing your carbon footprint and your wedding cost.

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Befitting Singapore’s strong “green” stance, more couples in the country who are planning to get married now intend to have an environment-friendly wedding or eco-friendly wedding. But this trend is not just about being stylish: couples who choose to have an eco-friendly wedding do care about the environment.

The philosophy of environmentalism is not new to the country. In fact, Singapore has been dubbed as a Garden City because of its advocacy for environment protection and sustainable production. However, it is the integration of this philosophy into people’s personal lives, and in such private affairs as weddings, that is still new and needs more promotion.

In the past decade, hundreds of couples have already exchanged their vows in the country’s numerous national parks or NParks. One of the biggest “wedding wastes” happens even before the ceremony: the printing of the wedding invitations. The stationery used for this is heavily manufactured, which makes it costly as well as harmful to the environment, yet it is only used once and disregarded right after. To avoid this, Perfect Weddings has created a wedding website tool that allows couples to send digital invitations to their friends and relatives.


Taking this measure has an additional advantage as digital invitations can be easily used for online guest list manager tools, which are also offered by Perfect Weddings. The guest list manager is paired with an RSVP form that wedding guests can quickly send via SMS or email for the convenience of the wedding couple as well as their own.

Perfect Weddings also offers couples to have their own personal wedding website as a subdomain of PerfectWeddings.SG (e.g. The personal websites can serve as the couples’ online journal and wedding album, through which couples will use further less materials and still get to share the celebration of their wedding to more people.

Apart from using digital media, there are various other measures couples may take to have an eco-friendly wedding. Among their options are using only in-season flowers (and only sparingly, if possible), using pre-used and reusable wedding items (grooms are encouraged to just rent their wedding suit), serving locally-grown food, and spending their honeymoon just within the country.

“My husband and I really enjoyed planning our environment-friendly wedding,” says Melissa Ang, 23, a sales manager. “You achieve a sense of reward just by reducing your impact to the environment. My wedding was definitely the best day of my life.”

Weddings are special occasions, but special events don’t always have to be grand and costly. Anyone can have a great wedding without spending a fortune and leaving imprints on the environment. So for weddings, brides are highly encouraged to follow the steps above and go green with it.

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