Weng Si & Daniel – Winter Romance in the Big Apple

Weng Si, Civil Service Officer
Daniel, Accountant

Weng Si and Daniel tied the knot on 24 May 2013

Weng Si and Daniel

Jet Lags and Bus Rides

Weng Si and Daniel started their life together when they first laid eyes on each other on 2009. Their very first encounter was in New York during one of Singapore embassy’s events, although Weng Si claims that she doesn’t remember much of meeting due to lack of sleep and jetlag. Luckily, Daniel had another shot at getting his future wife’s attention: the moment happened when Daniel went to go snowboarding in Hunter Mountain, barely getting the last seat on a 5 AM bus, and finding that his seatmate was none other than the beautiful Weng Si.

This time, he made quite an impression on her – Daniel says he was able to hypnotize her with his incredible charm and daredevil tales of snowboarding – and Weng Si knew that early on that he was someone that she could feel comfortable with. On the six hours they spent together in the bus – what Weng Si calls her “captive” moment, as she had no choice but to “bear” Daniel’s company – they started the bond that continues to hold them to this day.

Proposal in Central Park

On February of 2012, New York’s Central Park became the most unforgettable place for Daniel and Weng Si. On the day of the proposal, the couple went for a stroll after having brunch, but the cold made Weng Si want to go back in. Unexpectedly, Daniel urged her to continue and despite starting to turn blue she continued, sensing that there was something special was about to happen.

Weng Si and Daniel

“How long have we known each other?” Daniel asked, not for the first time that day, as they stopped at a bridge near the skating rink, where a choir was practicing “New York, New York”. Then, with the couple accompanied by nothing but wintry winds and harmonizing voices, Daniel went down to one knee and asked Weng Si’s hand in marriage.

Photoshoot: Back in Singapore

The couple decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot here to represent their new start in their homeland. Daniel says that they wanted their photographs to portray their new life together as husband and wife and, at the same time, show something that both of them love to do.

About the photo shoot, Weng Si describes it as an eye opening experience. This is because never did they expected the amount of effort required from both parties – the couple and Raymond Phang’s photography team – to make the photographs look as impressive as they are. “My impression of a pre-wedding photo shoot,” Weng Si admits, “was just to show up, look pretty, take as many photos as possible, and pick the nicest ones.”

To achieve their desired effect, the couple wrote short biographies of themselves and their relationship and gave it to their Raymond, and then worked closely with the rest of the team to conceptualize the shoot. The photography team explored the photo shoot venues to find the perfect angles and make sure that each of their photos was a shot of perfection.

The Wedding: A Return to Tradition

On the morning of the wedding day, Daniel went through the traditional gatecrash ceremony, where the bridesmaids put Daniel and his brothers through tests to prove his worthiness. The tests included cheerleading, singing Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” (enhanced by helium), and the “feast” of items. After the groom passed the tests, the couple went straight to their wedding venue and proceeded with their ROM ceremony.

Weng Si and Daniel

Weng Si and Daniel had an outdoor solemnization at Hotel Fort Canning’s Garden Terrace – and thankfully, the weather was perfect. The couple chose to have their wedding in this hotel because of the picturesque location it offers. The lush greenery with majestic colonial-looking background fits perfectly as magnificent Western-themed backdrop for the event and their wedding photographs.

The wedding ceremony was then followed by a grand reception held in the main ballroom of Hotel Fort Canning.

Sweet Memories

When asked about what was the most special thing on their wedding, Weng Si says that there were so many beautiful things that happened that day that she couldn’t possible name them all. However, she says that their wedding cake – a surprise from Daniel – is definitely the most remarkable highlight of the day. Working with Edna of My Fat Lady Cakes & Bakes, Daniel designed a 3-tiered cake that marvelously tells the newlyweds love story.

Weng Si and Daniel

The bottom layer of the cake was decorated with scenes of Singapore (MBS, Merlion, etc.), symbolizing where both of them were born and where their future as husband and wife will be. The middle layer showed wonderful scenery of New York City (NY cab, Statue of Liberty, etc.), representing the land where their love first bloomed. While the top layer of the cake showed Whistler Mountain, and was topped with two miniatures of the couple, each holding their snowboard. Weng Si says, “It was an amazing surprise and I was totally blown away and touched.”

The couple received much positive feedback from their wedding guests. The unique cake specially planned by the groom himself and the majestic location were all loved by the guests. However, there was also another highlight that had everybody burst into tremendous laugher – Beyond Picture’s express highlights video of Daniel singing Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” in a Mickey Mouse voice during the gatecrash ceremony.

Daniel and Wengsi had many praises for Beyond Pictures. ‘Wenkai and Teresa were wonderful to work with. Wenkai had a really good eye and helped us capture and document the different events of the day. Looking back, we missed many moments in the hustle and bustle of the day, and through wenkai’s hard work we could relive many of these poignant/happy times. Teresa worked behind the scenes, but her masterful edits from the hours of footage and marrying them (haha pun intended) with the right soundtracks really helped create a beautiful story for us to treasure for years to come.’

Indeed, a beautiful wedding set the tone for a wonderful marriage ahead for Daniel and Wengsi.

Bridal Studio: Dang Bridal
Tuxedo: Hugo Boss
Photographer: Raymond Phang Photography (Raymond and Lester)
Videographer: Beyond Pictures (Wenkai and Teresa)
Make-up Artist: Joey Chan (recommended through Dang Bridal)
Venue: Hotel Fort Canning (Garden Terrace for solemnization, and main ballroom for banquet)
Decor: Hotel Fort Canning package (Western theme)

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