What Choice of Photographers Do I Have For My Wedding?

Everyone loves to have beautiful pictures! More than ever, professional photographers are making headway in the wedding industry in positioning themselves as a must-have, and not simply as a luxury. After all, once the wedding is done, it’s the photos that will last for generations to come.

Bride Studio Shot

Brides in Singapore have different options when it comes to wedding photography. The two most common choices are, one, going your photography services as part of a bridal studio package, or two, get an a la carte photography package. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve broken down these two options below:

Photography-Inclusive Studio Package

It is no doubt an enticing concept to pay less for your wedding photography by having it bundled with your bridal package. The price point is sweet, and it is convenient as almost everything you need for your wedding will be packaged together by a single vendor. (The fewer people you have to deal with, the better.) However, keep in mind that many bridal studios do not offer Actual Day photography, and you will likely still have to source for another photographer to take your photos on the big day.

In addition, if you have chosen to have outdoor photos taken for your pre-wedding photography, getting the photography in a package could mean that you do not have control over the time and locations. If those are important to you, then getting a photographer A la Carte would suit your preferences better.

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Standalone Wedding Photographer

There are many professional photographers in Singapore, and there are different fields of photography. In general, photographers independent of a bridal studio are more versatile. For example, there are those who specialize in fashion photography, which is a rising trend for having a unique and alternative style of bridal photos.

There are two advantages of getting a photographer a la carte: availability and flexibility. The availability of the wedding date is of the utmost importance for any couple, something that cannot be compromised even by the photographer. Booking an independent photographer guarantees that you’ll have someone to take your photos on the actual day of your wedding as such a photographer is more willing to change his schedule to suit yours. These same principles apply in shooting the pre-wedding photos.

In order to make your wedding process as stress-free as possible, choosing an a la carte photographer will allow you to exercise more decisions on the locations you want for your wedding photos, and the dates you are free for the photo shoot. If flexibility and availability are important to you, then an independent photographer will be more suited to your needs.

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