What Drink to Serve for Your Wedding Toast

Whether you’re having a casual or formal wedding, an intimate or a bustling one, choosing the drink for your toast doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Some people, in fact, believe that the drinks you serve during the meal will already be good enough since your guests will toast with whatever they have in their glasses anyway. Still, if you want to put a personal touch to your drink, here are your three basic options:



You can choose between the classic champagne and a sparkling wine. The most common choices of red wine for weddings are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. For champagne, you may opt for either the sweet variant from Demi Sec or one with a dry consistency, such as Brut. For a luxurious indulgence, serve only the original champagne from Northern France. Otherwise you can pick the affordable sparkling variety of wine as an alternative. If you have an intimate gathering of mostly adults, then it is better to be indulgent with your choice of drink by opting for the traditional kind.

Personal Preference

Some couples have their own favorite cocktail and prefer to serve this for the toast. If you and your fiancé have a preferred non-traditional drink in mind, by all means, make it your signature toast drink. You can have this drink served exclusively for your toast. It may be your favorite flavored margarita, citrus-flavored punch, whiskey or rose cocktails, or sweet and creamy such as Baileys or White Russian that are wonderful to have on a chilly evening reception.  You can combine your alcoholic and non-alcoholic favorites as options for your guests, especially if you have a number of non-alcoholic drinkers.



Contrary to popular opinion, toast drinks need not contain alcohol. If you prefer an alcohol-free drink, you can choose from a selection of fruity concoctions. A popular option is sparkling grape juice as it has a similar flavor to red wine, except that it is unfermented. This would be a good choice if a majority of your guests do not drink or are not of age for alcohol. There are a lot of fruity flavors to mix and choose from, such as citrus fruits, pomegranates, apples, ginger, and cranberries, which you can mix with cider, cinnamon or soda to create outstanding concoctions.

There are no rules on what drinks to serve for the toast: you can be as fancy as you want to be or simply toast to whatever individual drink your guests are having at the time of your toast. The words spoken or the commemoration of your union are the true essence of the toast, but offering a good drink for this will definitely make it a more memorable moment that will make everyone yell “Cheers!” and drink to their well wishes for you and your fiancé.

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