What Every Bride Should Have in Her Wedding Purse

On you wedding day, you should have a purse where you can put all your essential cosmetic products to make sure that you look fresh and radiant throughout the day. Of course, you don’t have to carry your purse all the time – you can leave it with your make-up artist or maid of honor – but you should always have it close by, should you ever need anything from it.

Here is a list of the items you need to have in your wedding day purse. They may seem quite a lot for a purse to hold, but the trick is simply to keep everything in their mini versions.


1.   Compact Powder – To maintain the matte finish of your makeup and for a quick glimpse of your face to check that everything remains perfect, a compact powder with its tiny mirror and small sponge is your weapon of choice.

2.   Lip Gloss – It now comes in a small tube or flat container so you can easily carry it around. It is also easier to apply quickly without a need for a mirror. You can use either a gloss or a balm, depending on your preference, but do have something to keep your lips moist and sexy!

3.   Lipstick – Have a free sample of the shade you’ll wear for the day as it usually comes in teeny tiny size that won’t occupy a lot of space in your purse. Or you can slice off a piece from your lipstick and put it in a mini canister and just throw in a tiny lip brush.

4.   Concealer – Similar to a compact powder, a concealer can really come in handy, especially for an emergency touch up on your face to keep your foundation intact for a blemish-free look all throughout your wedding.


5.   Oil Blotter – Just a couple of sheets will do. Before dabbing concealer or powder on that shiny part of your face, wipe off the excess oil first so that your makeup will stay longer on your face. Some oil blotter sheets leave a matte finish so that you can even skip on the powder or the concealer.

6.   Blusher – Greeting your guests by lightly touching your cheek against theirs can make your blush fade. Your sweat can do that too. Makeup brands have come up with compact blushers that you can use for quick re-touches. Make sure to have this on wedding day to keep those cheeks blushing.

7.   Hair Pins – They’re tiny and you can have more than enough in your purse and they still won’t be any trouble for space. Just stick them in a cardboard or put them in a tiny zip lock back so they don’t scatter everywhere.

8.   Hair Spray – The tiny sample version will do, and they’re even free so you won’t need to spend extra on this. This can really come in handy for a quick fix of frizz or your chignon getting a little messed up when you remove your veil or when you get carried away with your dancing.


9.   Perfume or Cologne – A smart trick is to rip off test strips from beauty magazines as these work so well. Just rub them on your wrist or on your neck and you’d smell like you sprayed fragrance from the bottle. The best part is it’s free. Otherwise put a small amount of your favorite cologne in an atomizer.

10.   Breath Freshener – Whether they’re mints or a tiny bottle of breath spray, you can’t do away with this. You’d be enjoying your food and wine but you don’t want your guests to know what you had or let them think you had a little too much wine because they can smell it.

11.   Deodorant – Again, the free sample version of this product will be just right for your purse. A deo will keep you smelling fresh no matter how tense you get or how active you get on the dance floor. Just a little dab can go a long way to keeping you feel fresh and confident.

12.   Stain Remover – Worse comes to worst, you spill a blot of red wine on the bodice of your dress. That’s when a small stain remover can be a miraculous piece in your purse. Have your maid of honor or any of your bridesmaids assist you in such an emergency and you can be back to your party in no time.


13.   Safety Pins – Because you’ll never know when a strap might snap, a zipper get stuck or a button pop out. A few tiny safety pins can work like magic in such times of crisis. These tiny pieces of metal will fix your problem for you at no trouble at all.

14.   Tissue – When you get teary eyed or you sweat a little and your maid of honor or your bridesmaids are away, it’s always helpful to have some tissue in your purse that you can readily use. Don’t rely on what’s on the table or in the toilet if you can have it conveniently tucked in your purse.

15.   Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturizer – You’d be shaking hands with your guests and only have so little time to wash your hands. One guest with a flu may be all it takes to make you sick and ruin your honeymoon. An anti-bacterial cream will help you avoid this scenario and even makes your hands softer and more fragrant.

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