What Makes a Wedding Video Unique

After all the exhilaration of your wedding, you wouldn’t want a plunge into disappointment when you finally come to watch your wedding video and find that it has a terrible quality. Some brides only realize after seeing their wedding video that they should have hired a professional and not just got the assistance of a friend or a relative. Being stuck with a bad material to look back on to your wedding is an awful and regretful thing. It’s better to learn this lesson now than later.

To help you figure out what need to make your wedding video one of a kind, here are some ideas.


1. Have a Concept or Storyline – You can be inspired by your favorite music video, film, or song. Find what you particularly like about them and incorporate that in your wedding video. It would also be great if you and your fiancé have a dramatic love story as your video can revolve around that. Include milestones in your relationship or challenges you’ve overcome. This will give your video some heart and not just turn it into some cutesy skit like most wedding videos out there.

2. Break Away from the Usual Structure – After viewing several wedding videos, you will find a pattern that you don’t want to follow. Close-up shots of the bride getting ready; cut to groom fixing his bow tie, etc… That sequence in the opening of the video can be a trap. It looks smooth, yes, but it could also be boring as we’ve seen it too many times already. Think outside the box on how your video will open, what happens in between, and think about that very last frame that would make it memorable.


3. Incorporate Mixed Media – Steer away from the popular gloss finish. Instead, talk to your video guy about using varied formats producing interesting textures and filters for the video. The visual appeal of the colors and lighting in each frame of the video makes it more interesting and artsy. Don’t just settle for the conventional close-ups. Instead, try the guerilla approach for a more raw and perhaps even more honest shots. The rougher the shots, the more documentary feel it creates and the less common it becomes.

4. Don’t use Bubblegum Pop Songs – You know these songs. They’re the ones that get played over and over again in weddings. If they’re your theme song, then it’s okay, but if they don’t really have any special meaning to your relationship, then ditch them and find a more unique soundtrack. Take a pick from classic rock, some jazz maybe, or even reggae! Find a song that has lyrics that matches your love story, while its melody sets the mood of your wedding video.

5. Lastly, Make It Very Personal. Put in some time, effort, and creativity – and have fun in the process. Now that is a surefire way to make your wedding video unlike any other.

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