What To Consider Before Tying The Knot

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Money Issues

Considering how many marriages fall out because of money issues, this is one very important aspect that you and your girlfriend need to know about each other. Are there any outstanding debts or loans that either of you are still servicing? Bearing in mind that this will have a practical impact on your ability to save up for the wedding, honeymoon and your new home together, you will need to be transparent about all financial matters. Marriages require honesty and it will not be a pleasant realization that your spouse-to-be is heavily in debt only after you have married.

Another important aspect on money issues you will have to know before you enter into marriage would be how the two of you view money. Some advocate paying top dollar for the best products while others prefer paying less for products that may not be the best. Where do you and your girlfriend stand on this? Getting to know this about your partner is important as it will impact your wedding preparations and the days ahead of you in your marriage.

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Religious Differences
If your girlfriend and you come from different religious backgrounds, you will need to consider the potential challenges it will bring to your marriage, especially in the case of religious beliefs that neither of you can choose to renounce. Even if you share similar faiths, you will still need to consider where you will belong together after you marry. It’s important for both of you to spend time to discuss this issue thoroughly before you propose to her as this issue, if left unresolved, can create potential conflicts as you enter into marriage together.

Lifestyle and Personality
Some say opposites attract and perhaps they really do. As you consider marriage with your sweetheart, do consider the similarities and differences in your lifestyles and personalities. What may be cute and fun during your courtship phase can become quite an annoyance in a marriage. If you recognize the uniqueness in both of your personalities and know the ways to make things work between the two of you, you will be entering into marriage prepared. Also, recognizing the differences in your lifestyles will also help both of you to recognize the changes that may have to be made as you marry.

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In-Laws or Outlaws?
Learning to stand together as you embrace your lives together in the days to come will also mean learning to deal with powerful external forces. As we have mentioned earlier, our own parents can sometimes bring a challenge, and for some people, they can even strain the marriage. In the process of preparing for your wedding, some parents may have expectations of how they want their son or daughter’s wedding to be such as by insisting on having 30 tables at the wedding banquet and $100,000 for dowry.

One way to handle such things would be for you to handle your parents while your girlfriend manages her parents. This would require both of you to have a fixed idea of what you want and what you can do together.

Any Other Business
Another issue you and your partner need to discuss include any existing health conditions that may have repercussions as you have children. You may wish to visit a doctor who specializes in Genetic Counseling if you have such concerns.

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Now that you are aware of the issues you may want to consider and discuss with your girlfriend before you pop the question, we trust that both of you will be entering into marriage with your eyes wide opened! You may also wish to sign up for the Pre-Marital Preparatory courses before you say I do!

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