What to Expect from Your Wedding Hotel Banquet


Choosing a wedding hotel banquet is one of the first things you’ll encounter in planning your wedding. In order to come up with a good choice of venue, you’ll need to know what each site can and cannot provide. It’s good to know the common services that most hotel banquets offer so you’ll be able to manage your expectations of every hotel you come across with. To get started, here are the most common services you can expect from most Singapore hotel banquets.

Professional Assistance

Many hotels in Singapore, especially those venues accustomed to hosting weddings, provide professional matrimonial assistance as part of their package. By picking these hotels as your official reception venue, you’ll be provided with professional assistance in planning your wedding. Your planner will assist you in organizing every detail of the event– from the decorations and seating chart to the menu and entertainment group.

Wedding Chapel

Some hotels have chapels within the premises, meaning you can have your wedding and reception in a single venue. These hotels can organize your wedding ceremony, including the decorations and ceremonial music. Some sites can even provide grand piano, played by a professional pianist, to serve as background music while you’re walking down the aisle.



Although you can bring your own decorations, most hotel venues offer several choices of décor, such as table linens, ceiling decorations, chair covers, and special lighting, as well as sound systems, microphones and podiums. The wedding theme and style are also considered in providing you with décor options.

Catering Services


The catering is one of the major services you can expect from any wedding hotel banquet. Many banquet venues in Singapore provide food tasting sessions on specific dates of the year to let prospective clients experience the food they have to offer. Most of these hotels offer different varieties of menu – from casual concoctions to formal six-course plated meals. Hors d’oeuvres are the most recommended by banquet halls for wedding receptions. Wines and champagnes are also included in wedding packages at most reception venues.

Professional Servers

Along with the catering, wedding hotel banquet venues can provide you professional waiters and servers as part of their wedding package. Having professional waiters guarantee that the food is served and cleared without hassle. Silverware and tableware are also provided to make sure that every meal is presented and served elegantly. Wine bars, which usually come with bartenders, could also be included upon request.



Some halls do offer shuttle services that can fetch your guests to and from locations. It can even provide everybody a ride throughout the duration of the wedding period, depending on the agreed terms. Choosing a banquet hall inside a hotel gives your guests the choice of available discounted rooms should they wish to check in.

Choosing a wedding hotel banquet depends a lot on the services offered. While most Singapore banquet venues offer the same types of services, the level of expertise and ability to deliver should also be considered in picking the right venue. It also helps to be reasonable with your expectations based on the requirements of your affair.

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