What to Look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist

Arguably the last thing you need to stress over your wedding makeup. Covering up those puffy eyes while trying to enhance your natural beauty requires a skilful hand and high quality products. Hiring a makeup artist (or MUA) certainly makes things more convenient. However every bride-to-be needs to consider the following when deciding if a particular MUA is the right person for you


Makeup Techniques

The ideal MUA should have a keen eye for detail. Besides understanding how to match colours with the correct skin tone, they need to know how lighting and shadows can affect your appearance when you are photographed. This means that they should be able to adjust their techniques according to the location and the timing. Since most weddings are whole day affairs, it is better to hire a more versatile MUA.

Trial Run

The best way to test your chosen MUA’s skills would be to request a trial. During the session you need to listen and observe. Compare what they say and do with what you know to decide if they are as experienced as they claim to be. Don’t forget to quiz them about the latest makeup trends and products. It is always easier to work with someone who knows how to recreate your favourite styles featured in the magazines.


Well-Maintained Equipment

Take a look at the colour palettes and the range of brushes and applicators the MUA owns. Examine the compressor, the tube and the airbrush gun to see if everything is well-maintained. Any professional makeup artist will know that poorly maintained equipment makes it harder to apply the make up properly.

A Wide Selection of Makeup

Good makeup artists also have a huge collection of various reputable brands. This shows they love to experiment, and they try to accommodate different skin types. Don’t be afraid to let them know if you prefer a certain brands over others. Your MUA should be able to recommend something similar if they don’t have that particular brand, or when necessary, they may even agree to use your makeup on that day.

Good Hygiene

Proper sanitation is very important because dirty brushes and applicators can cause you to itch. As a prospective bride, you better check to make sure your MUA knows how to keep their hands and equipment clean. Don’t forget to check the makeup palettes as well. Strange textures and smells mean that it is expired. Having such products around is just as unsanitary.


Good Personality

You need a MUA you can relate to. Be it a man or a woman, this person has to understand what you want and make you smile. It’s no secret that some brides have to get up to start preparing! Laughing and joking are good ways to perk up a sleep-deprived bride.


Always try to find a MUA who is available for the pre-wedding photo shoot and the actual day. This ensures your look is consistent in every photo and that you will get to enjoy discounts from the bridal salons. Remember many of these salons only offer better rates to couples who hire their makeup artists for both sessions.

Finding the right professional can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort invested. Since these people work so closely with you, the MUA has to understand you. This means they understand your preferred style, your personality and what colours make you radiant. Of course, this shouldn’t come at the expense of proper hygiene and good technique. Those are just as important!

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