What to Look for in a Wedding Videographer


For the amount you are paying for your videography package, you definitely want a video you love and cherish, so you need to find the right videographer for the job! Listed below are a few key qualities for you to consider.

He Must Be Experienced

Being a videographer at a wedding is extremely stressful, because he needs to know how to plan his schedule for the day, work round unexpected hiccoughs and placate uncooperative relatives. It’s only after years of experience that your videographer will be confident enough to navigate his way around any wedding and give you his best consistently. No wonder such videographers are the ones who are always in demand! To find out if your videographer is as experienced as he claims to be, you can ask your wedding planner or photographer whether they know him. This works, because people who have been in the wedding industry long enough tend to know each other.

He Must Be Discreet

While it’s important to get a clear shot of every major event in the ceremony – the march-in and your first kiss – this shouldn’t come at the expense of your videographer blocking your guests. Your friends and relatives want to witness those moments too! A truly professional videographer will know how to capture the best angle from where he is standing rather than intruding into your sacred moment by pointing his camera so close to your face.


He Must Be Well-Equipped

Your videographer doesn’t have to have the best camera out there, but he should at least have a camera that is widely used in the industry, which is currently the Canon DSLR. As technology is constantly upgrading, you may want to find out the latest industry standard and what its maximum output is like. Knowing this information allows you to quiz your videographer, then based on his answers, you will be able to tell if he really keeps abreast of the latest developments in his field.

He Must Be Skilled

Having awesome gadgets doesn’t mean your videographer is worth the rate he’s charging you, because he must be have necessary technical skills expected from professionals of that calibre. Often you can’t tell by simply watching his videos, so take the time to find out how long he has been working with his current camera, and if it’s something new, whether he has worked with similar models before. Likewise, you ought to enquire about the type of editing software he uses at the moment and how experienced he is with that program.

He Must Be Accommodating

Your videographer may be the expert when it comes to wedding videos, but he has to understand what his customers’ want as well. This willingness to go the extra mile is the one of the few things that would give him an edge in this competitive industry, as word of mouth is still the best way to get new clients. Besides asking for testimonials from your friends and relatives, you can tell if he is receptive by observing how he responds your ideas and suggestions.


He Must Have Great Style

While your videographer may not be the only person who specializes in a particular videography style, the way he interprets how each scene should be filmed and edited makes his videos very different from those produced by another videographer. Always take the time to watch some of his more recent videos and only sign the contract when you like the samples you viewed. Don’t stick to the videographer just because you like his filming techniques, his editing skills are just as important.

He Must Have Great People Skills

You certainly need a videographer who can work with your photographer, because they have to coordinate in such a manner that both of them won’t miss important details on the actual day. Nothing is more frustrating for the bridal couple than having to mediate between them. A good way to make sure they start off on the right foot would be to arrange for an introductory meeting, so you can sit in and listen to them discuss their plans for the day.


Finding the right videographer means more than simply liking selecting someone based on his sample videos. You ought to find someone you are happy to introduce to the rest of your team. Hence you need to make sure your chosen professional should has great interpersonal skills in additional to his technical skills and fancy gadgets.

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