What to Wear as Family of the Newly-Weds

As the family of the newly-wedded couple, it is almost as important to be as well dressed as the newly-weds themselves. There are many possible outfits to consider for each family member. Moreover, it is essential to coordinate the choices of outfits so that it fits the theme of the wedding.


This article serves to give outfit suggestions to the families of the bride and groom to make it easier for them to decide on what to wear for the big day.

Mothers of the Bride and Groom

It is recommended for the mothers to wait for the bride to choose her dress before choosing theirs. This is to let the bride establish a colour scheme or theme for the wedding, from which anyone else can base their own outfits. It is important to choose a dress that compliments that bride’s wedding gown, but take note not to wear something too similar so that you don’t take any attention from the bride, who is, after all, the star of the occasion.

Colours such as black should be avoided for obvious reasons: it puts a damper on the event and is better suited to funerals. As for the fabric of the dress, it is recommended that heavy fabrics be used for those who are on the heavy side. This is because heavy fabrics fall easily on one’s figure, as opposed to lighter fabrics which tend to clutch. While it’s not strictly a rule, it is best to consult the bride regarding one’s choice of dress. More than anyone else, it is her opinion that matters on this special occasion.

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Fathers of the Bride and Groom

More often than not, a tux or a formal suit is expected of them, but traditional garments are also welcome. Appropriate colours would include black, navy and charcoal for formal suits. As with the mothers’ dresses, it’s best to check one’s outfit with the bride. Coordination is preferred so try to stick to the same colour code as that of the groom and the groomsmen. If the suit will be tailor-made, it should be ordered well in advance – at least one week is recommended – so that the suit fill fit just right. To add a sweet touch, the father of the bride should wear a corsage that matches his daughter’s bouquet.

Sisters of the Bride and Groom

Similar to the mothers of the bride and the groom, the sisters should wait for the bride to choose her dress before choosing theirs. Of course, sisters who are part of the bridal party may get their dress earlier, along with the bride or the other bridesmaids. A general rule for choosing the colour of one’s dress is to choose a similar shade – but not the exact same colour – as that of the bride’s. Every girl would like to look their best in any formal occasion, we know, but sisters of the bride should make sure to look good without upstaging the bride herself.

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Brothers of the Bride and Groom

Brothers of the couple are on a pretty unique position: they’re not required to dress too formally like the groom and their dads but they can neither dress as casually as just regular guests either. So the way to go is to dress smart but without too much stylisation that one looks more dashing than the groom. Choose a shirt or tie that matches the wedding theme and pair it with a formal/smart-casual trousers (no jeans please!). If possible, try to coordinate the choice of the dress and its colour with the mother of the groom or the bride too.

It is essential for the family of the newly-wedded couple to look good on this big occasion. And while there are some restrictions, there is still a lot of room for self-expression. (For example, anyone can still wear their favourite colour – if it’s not the same as the wedding motif – through their accessories.) The simple rule is dress well, but always keep the attention on the newly-weds and adhere to the theme of the wedding.

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