What Types of Wedding Venues Can I Choose?

Considering your wedding venues in Singapore? There are many choices out there for wedding receptions, but how do you make your choice? And more importantly, what selections are out there? Perfect Weddings brings you the most popular and unique wedding receptions!

Tables and Chairs

1) Hotels

The most common wedding venue in Singapore are hotels. There are so many types of hotels in Singapore that it is almost impossible not to be able to choose one that perfectly suits your needs. Upmarket hotels cater to extravagant weddings, but the costs are higher naturally too. If you are on a budget, consider smaller hotels out of town for a cosy, modern wedding.

Having your reception at a hotel is a great choice as hotels offer accommodation in a package, which means you have a room to get ready and sleep in on your wedding day! Having an indoor wedding at a Singapore hotel is also extremely practical. You do not have to worry about weather conditions, and decorations can be put up as early as a week or as late as just a day before the event, depending on your arrangement with the hotel.

2) Restaurants

A restaurant wedding is a great alternative to holding it in a hotel. If you know that your guests will enjoy your chosen restaurant’s signature dishes, then that is a great plus! However, keep in mind your prospective restaurant’s accommodation limits, and note that having a smaller guest list would make it easier to find a restaurant venue. Often, the costs are also lower compared to having a hotel wedding, which is great for brides and grooms on a budget.

3) Beachside Venues

Beachside weddings are amazing! Not only are they a superb alternative to the typical indoor weddings, they are ultra-romantic for that special day! Wedding decor can also be customized according to whatever theme you love, be it seaside, royal, romantic, or anything else in between. Some popular beaches for weddings in Singapore include Sentosa and East Coast Park. If you choose an area that is near beach resorts, you can even book rooms for you and your close friends to stay for your bridal shower!

Reserve a room on the wedding day so you have a place to get ready, and the room is all yours for the night to spend with your spouse. Let your imagination flow! The only major downside is that weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to have a backup plan in case it rains!

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