What Your Wedding Live Band Needs To Know

Hiring a live band for your wedding is done primarily to entertain your guests. It takes an experienced live band give your guests a good time and liven up the atmosphere at your wedding. But even with professionalism, experience, and talent, a live band still needs some essential inputs from you so that they can give a stellar performance on your wedding.

When your live band gets some assistance from you, they can serve you better by meeting your expectations and giving you your money’s worth with a memorable performance. By giving the following information, you will give your band a better idea on how to perform, liven up your wedding celebration and get your guests dancing!


1. Theme

When your band has a better understanding of your theme, they can prepare a complementing playlist for it. For example, if you are having a vintage themed wedding, the band can perform songs from the 20s to the 60s. Reggae music would be perfect for a beach wedding, while an instrumental trio would be wonderful for a garden wedding. Your theme is also important in determining what type of live band best suits your wedding. So in your search for a live band, it is helpful to already have a fixed theme because that will serve as your band’s basis for their playlist and overall attitude and performance.

2. Venue or Setting

Ask your band if they have previously performed at your venue. It is advantageous if they have in terms of level of comfort logistically. If they have performed at your venue before for another wedding then they need only minimal adjustment in terms of setting up.

If they have no previous experience playing at the venue, your band needs to familiarize with the place and know how much space they have for their set up. They should also know the electrical and other technical requirements for their performance. You can show them a picture of the space and even give an idea on what it will look like with the décor, especially regarding the lighting. This lets your band become a cohesive element in the overall look of your wedding reception.


3. About Your Guests

Since you hired them mainly for your guests, your band should know what to expect from your audience to get a better idea on how to entertain them. Tell the band the age group of the guests who are most important to you so that they can prepare songs your guests will know and enjoy. If, for example, a majority of your guests are your friends from college then you pretty much have an idea on what sort of music will be enjoyable for them.

You can also request your band to create sets that has specific playlist that cater to the different age groups of your guests. The first set may be dedicated to your parents and your aunts and uncles, while the second set can be dedicated to a much younger audience, such as your friends. The final set can kick-off the partying and dancing for the rest of the night.

4. Song Requests

Don’t miss out on your favorite songs, especially those that have a sentimental value to your relationship. Make a song request for your dance with your father and for your first dance as a married couple. Personally picked songs will make these moments more tender and memorable rather than just sticking to what your band typically plays in other weddings.

So take the time to think about what song you would like for these important dances. You can also ask for surprise song numbers in the middle of your reception, such as during meals or at a later part of your program. It will surely be a delightful surprise by requesting for songs that you know are a favorite of some of your guests.


5. Program

Your band should be informed of your program. So it’s best to let them coordinate with your wedding planner so that they know the details of the program especially the segments in which they will perform. This will also guide them in knowing how many sets they need to perform and the duration of each set. The program also guides your band in preparing their sets to suit the segments of your program. It is also helpful for them to be informed on what comes before and after their sets so that they have enough preparation time for each performance.

6. Appropriate Attire

It’s better to inform your band ahead, as early as your first meeting, on what specific attire you would like them to wear. This should give them enough time to prepare their attire. Don’t simply tell them that you’re having a formal dinner wedding. It is more helpful if you are specific on the color and type of attire you want them to wear. If you want them to look formal and conservative or casual and hip say so.

With these valuable tips and information for your live band, you can be more assured on your wedding day that they can perform to meet or even exceed your expectations and to your loved ones’ entertainment. Helping them will go a long way in getting the ultimate entertainment that you deserve on your wedding.

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