What’s Next After I’ve Gotten My Wedding Ring?

1. Maintain It

Contrary to common belief, maintaining your wedding ring is not all that difficult. In fact, the simplicity of the task is equal to how essential it is. For a simple wedding band, maintenance is as simple as gently rubbing it with a soft, lint-free cloth every now and then. After cooking a feast for your family, your grease-stained ring can be restored by dipping it in alcohol.

Any other form of tarnish, such as ink or paint marks, can be removed with water that’s been added with soap and a few drops of ammonia, and then brushed away with a toothbrush with soft bristles, rinsed, and then dried with a piece of soft cloth. However, if you’re wearing not just simple wedding band but a wedding ring with stone(s), you can clean it by soaking it in warm water and then brushing it with a toothbrush with soft bristles, and then rinsing it and patting it dry with a piece of lint-free cloth.

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2. Guard It

Another word of caution: metals, even platinum are vulnerable to blemishes. As such, avoid wearing your ring while doing rough work like sawing or moving furniture, when you’re playing sports, or when you’re doing a major cleaning of your home, especially when working with concentrated chlorine (normally found in bleach or swimming pool disinfectants). These acidic solutions could result in pitting or discolouration, or even both, to your wedding ring or band. Scratches are also extremely obvious on matte finishes or soft pure metals, even though the metals themselves are durable. In such events, you can approach your jeweler to reapply or even change the finish or plating of your ring.

3. Safekeep It

Generally, wedded couples do not remove their wedding bands; or rather they rarely take them off. Also, hopefully, you had chosen a ring that you wouldn’t want to take off that often, or more often than necessary. Still, in the event that you are actually going to take your wedding ring off, keep it in a safe place such as a locked drawer. Remember, this ring you are possessing is no longer just a regular ring that costs a bomb. Well, no doubt it might have cost a bomb, but it also contains intangibles such as happy occasions, beautiful memories, memorable dates, everyday wonders and promises. Sadly, most couples don’t realize this until it happens to them. It’s surprising to find out how easy it is for one to lose their wedding ring.

Our advice? When it becomes necessary to take the ring off, place it in a designated place where you will always put your ring when you take it off. Simply putting it in your pocket is a big no-no. Imagine that even iPods usually get washed in the washer, let alone rings that are much smaller? Beside-the-sink is also a huge no-no as it could easily fall into the drain or onto the floor where it could easily get lost. When you are away from home, try very hard not to remove it (unless you’re about to soak your hand into a tub of acid then that’s a different story), always keep it on your ring finger because it’s the easiest to lose it (we mean, your ring) when you’re away from home.

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