Why We Love Perfect Weddings

Why do our couples love PerfectWeddings.SG? From our inspirational articles, to our comprehensive merchant directory and free wedding tools, brides share their love for Singapore’s leading wedding portal!

Sheila & Desmond


I’ve grown up always knowing that I want to plan my very own wedding. And now that I am really at the stage of planning it, I’m glad PerfectWeddings.Sg is here to help me iron out all the necessary issues and problems. From a forum to voice out my questions and doubts with brides to be, many vendors we can find in the directory to wedding tools such as the guest list manager, PerfectWeddings.Sg has definitely made my wedding planning so much more easier!

Hwee Min & Vincent


A wedding is once in a lifetime and everyone wants it to be as perfect as it could be, including myself.

I love PerfectWeddings.Sg because it provides me with tools to manage my wedding from the start. They also provide different ideas and knowledge about all things weddings, for example, writing a wedding speech and wedding vow. They also showcase promotions and upcoming events. Now, I am ready to have my perfect wedding!

Shan Shan & Dominic

Shan Shan

Perfect Weddings has been doing an awesome job in providing us with marvelous wedding tools. My personal favorite is the Wedding Website. I have always dreamt of documenting my marriage journey, but have been lazy to create my own website from scratch. This tool really assisted me immensely.

I am very grateful to the amazing tools provided for us brides-to-be! My husband-to-be has also been using PerfectWeddings.Sg to conduct research for our wedding diligently. He is really impressed with all the tools and advice dished out on the website. Thanks Perfect Weddings!

Jenny & KK


I love PerfectWeddings.Sg because it is all about information sharing about our process, joy and experiences that we go through. It lead to me to understand more about what I should do during the entire wedding procedure. I always recommend my bride-to-be friends to this site to get to know more on what should be done. Good site, way to go PerfectWeddings.Sg! :)

Adeline & Paul


PerfectWeddings.sg is a one-stop portal for all our reference needs during our journey in preparing for our wedding. I love PerfectWeddings.sg for all its content and its lively and active forum where couples contribute their experience and emotions during the up and downs of their wedding.

PerfectWeddings.sg sets the stage for every couple’s wedding to be the most perfect, in their each and own special way.

Agnes & Hui Ming


We are very pleased with the quality of material on PerfectWeddings.Sg. By selecting thought-provoking topics and giving us fresh ideas for our marriage, it has helped us a long way. I especially appreciate the information and advice PerfectWeddings.Sg has provided on wedding planning. The information on Perfect Weddings has been invaluable to me during this planning process. We have recommended PerfectWeddings. Sg to our friends because we love Perfect Weddings!

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