Why Wedding Stationery Are Still Important

Some couples easily dismiss the importance of wedding stationery, often believing that stationery is just an unnecessary additional wedding cost. However, with all the uses it serves in your wedding, stationery is actually much needed: from save-the-date cards to invitations, from order of ceremony to place cards and menu cards and so much more!

Here are the basic purposes of wedding stationery that speak of its importance for your wedding.


Set the Tone

Being the first item that your guests will receive from you, your wedding invitation makes a big impression of your wedding. It gives them an idea on the kind of wedding you are preparing for, how formal it would be, and that its theme is. Your stationery is also your sincere expression of desire to experience one of the most important days of your life with your guests. How it looks and what you put in it tells them that their presence will be very much appreciated at your wedding.


Create Anticipation and Excitement

If you’ve given your wedding invitation a lot of thought, it should bring excitement to its recipients. Who, after all, wouldn’t like to see their name in a stylish font on a classy envelope, right? The sheer act of opening a traditional letter, in these days of e-mails and instant messengers, would in fact already something they might enjoy. Your save-the-date cards and invitations also build up the anticipation for your wedding. Your wedding stationary is an exciting way of letting your family and friends know that you are preparing for a very special occasion that you want them to be a part of.

Guide Your Guests

The most practical use of stationery is informing your guests of your wedding’s when, where, who, and how. (And perhaps even why, if your event has some unusual details.) It all depends on how creative you want to be with your content. These essential information are what your guests need to prepare themselves for your wedding. They need to know how formal or casual your wedding is to know how they should dress up for it among many other important details. Direction to the venue is also very crucial information that your stationery holds.


Highlight the Importance of the Occasion

Your stationery is important in different parts of your wedding. It is also important for being a representation of how special the occasion is for you. Through the time and effort you put in to prepare your stationery, you convey much your wedding means to you. Treat these materials as promotion of your wedding to invite your guests, inform them, remind them, and guide them – all these essential purposes surely speak of how significant it is for you for them to be present on your wedding day.

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