Why You Need Props for Your Pre-Wedding Photos

Photoshoots are becoming really popular nowadays and has almost become a pre-requisite in any wedding. They are a great way to recreate the moment of the love affair between husband and wife, which can make the wedding day that much more memorable.

But do you need props for your photoshoot? The answer is simple: yes.


While your photographer can find some unique and memorable snapshots that you can frame or print as a post card, you can both agree that adding props can give your photos an extra twist, and make them stand out over other wedding photoshoots.

With that said, here’s a list of props that you can use to give your wedding a unique twist:

Animal Masks

Not having pets on your shoot is not a problem. You can add a fun, quirky twist to your shoot by adding animal masks to the mix. Pre-wedding shoots are supposed to be fun, after all – don’t get too serious!


The bigger, the better! Having fringe balloons is a great way to add some flair to an otherwise normal portrait, but really, any size will do. You can play around with different colors, sizes, and shapes, and even patterns.


This is one that you don’t have to stress over if your wedding photographer already has their own studio where you can take pictures. However, you can always put in a little time and effort in the backdrops for more memorable shots.

Confetti/Flower Petals

Before the wedding, borrow a few bags of confetti or flower petals from your guests (if they plan on throwing them after) and play around with them by tossing them at each other or letting the color rain on you.



Why not bring Spot to the shooting to give your pictures a more authentic feel to them? There may be some downsides, though, so be sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times and have a few plastic bags on standby to pick up their waste.


Putting some stylized interior decor and furniture is always a good idea in any pre-wedding photo, especially if you’re planning on a theme that calls for it. They also help make for some dramatic photos.


Garlands don’t just make for great wedding centerpieces, but also make for excellent backdrops that add a romantic touch to the photos.

Photo Booth Props

Wigs? Fake moustaches? Funny glasses? You bet that you can use them all for a goof! After all, who doesn’t love the occasional silly snapshot to look back at years from now?


A rustic approach to your wedding is never complete without hand-drawn chalkboard or wooden signs for the added sweetness and subtlety.


Getting married on New Year’s? Make the memories of your first year together last by adding some sparklers for long-exposure shots that will allow you and your partner to draw hearts or write your initials with them. You may want to do a few test runs to get them right.

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